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6.5 - 270 kDa 범위를 커버하는 3가지 컬러 밴드를 포함하며,
최대 100%까지의 transfer 효과를 개런티하는 Prestained protein ladder를 소개합니다.

2023 논문


The temporal binding window between ICMS and vision depends on biological relevance of visual stimuli 

I Rosenthal, L Bashford, D Bjånes, K Pejsa… - … Clinical Research in …, 2023 - brainstimjrnl.com

… Here, a tetraplegic patient implanted with microelectrode arrays (Blackrock Microsystems) 

 in S1 received single-channel ICMS (60 or 100 μA) while observing visual cues, and …


Subsets of cortico-cortical evoked potentials propagate as traveling waves 

JM Campbell, TS Davis, D Nesterovich Anderson… - bioRxiv, 2023 - biorxiv.org

… , Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT) and sampled at 1kHz. In line with recommended 

practices, we chose an intracranial electrode in the white matter with minimal artifact and … 



Adaptive SpikeDeep-Classifier: Self-organizing and self-supervised machine learning algorithm for online spike sorting

M Saif-ur-Rehman, O Ali, C Klaes, I Iossifidis - arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2023 - arxiv.org

… For this study, we used data from two tetraplegic patients who were implanted with two Utah

arrays (Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT). These patients were recruited for two …



Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation Restores Motor and Sensorimotor Cortical Neuronal Oscillatory Activity in the Free-Moving 6-Hydroxydopamine Lesion …

A Abdulbaki, T Doll, S Helgers, HE Heissler… - … : Technology at the …, 2023 - Elsevier

… ; Blackrock Microsystems). The DBS electrode is a bipolar microelectrode that is handmade

in our laboratory, with two parallel insulated platinum-iridium electrode wires (90:10), coated …



An open-source application to identify the three-dimensional locations of electrodes implanted into the rat brain from computed tomography images

M Kudara, N Matsumoto, N Kuga, K Yamashiro… - Neuroscience …, 2023 - Elsevier

… μ digital headstage (Blackrock Microsystems, UT, USA), and the digitized signals were

transferred to a Cereplex Direct data acquisition system (Blackrock Microsystems). Recordings …



Electronic Neurons for a New Learning Paradigm

Z Wang, J Wang, X Shi, Z Zhu, P Chen… - Advanced Healthcare …, 2023 - Wiley Online Library

… The raw data were collected through BlackRock Microsystems. The firing rate was analyzed

in real-time by the program. The stimulation train was preset and given by MODEL 3800. …



[HTML] Corticospinal interface to restore voluntary control of joint torque in a paralyzed forearm following spinal cord injury in non-human primates

K Obara, M Kaneshige, M Suzuki… - Frontiers in …, 2023 - frontiersin.org

… (Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT, USA) and convert them in real time into a

stimulus current and frequency that were dependent on the firing rate of the linked M1 cell. The …


2022  논문 


Stretchable Mesh Nanoelectronics for 3D Single-Cell Chronic Electrophysiology from Developing Brain Organoids

Paul Le Floch, Qiang Li, Zuwan Lin, Siyuan Zhao, Ren Liu, Kazi Tasnim, Han Jiang, and Jia Liu

Advanced Materials 2022



Transcranial electrical stimulation generates electric fields in deep human brain structures 

S Louviot, L Tyvaert, LG Maillard, S Colnat-Coulbois… - Brain Stimulation, 2022 - Elsevier 

… is generating an EF in deep brain structures such as the limbic system [27,28] that would

have a truly significant impact at the clinical level (eg, improvement of Epilepsy or Alzheimer's …



Imaging versus electrographic connectivity in human mood-related fronto-temporal networks

JA Adkinson, E Tsolaki, SA Sheth, BA Metzger… - Brain Stimulation, 2022 - Elsevier 

… stimulation was delivered via a Blackrock CereStim R96 (Blackrock Microsystems, Utah) to

the … contacts were recorded using a Blackrock Microsystems NeuroPort Acquisition System. …



Local and distant cortical responses to single pulse intracranial stimulation in the human brain are differentially modulated by specific stimulation parameters

AC Paulk, R Zelmann, B Crocker, AS Widge… - Brain Stimulation, 2022 - Elsevier 

… Stimulation was delivered with a CereStim stimulator (Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake

City, UT) using single pulse electrical stimulation (SPES). Current injection and return paths …



Impaired Experience-Dependent Refinement of Place Cells in a Rat Model of Alzheimer's Disease

JI Broussard, JB Redell, ME Maynard… - Journal of …, 2022 - content.iospress.com 

… to record spiking activity from individual CA1 neurons in the pyramidal cell layer using a

Blackrock microsystems data acquisition system (Blackrock microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT). …



AM Fernandez, CA Gutekunst, DP Grogan… - Epilepsy Research, 2022 - Elsevier
… ), with synchronized video-EEG/EMG recorded using a Blackrock Microsystems Cerebus™
Neural Signal Processor using Central software (Microsystems LLC, Salt Lake City, UT). …

JCB Schwenk, MA Hagan, SL Cloherty, E Zavitz… - bioRxiv, 2022 - biorxiv.org
… platinum electrode 92 sites, Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, USA). Extracellular
neural data were recorded using a 93 Cerebus System (Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, …

Quantifying seizure termination patterns reveals limited pathways to seizure end 

P Salami, M Borzello, MA Kramer, MB Westover… - Neurobiology of …, 2022 - Elsevier 

… Data were recorded using XLTEK/Natus clinical EEG equipment (Natus Medical Inc., Oakville,

Canada), or a Blackrock Cerebus system (Blackrock Microsystems). Data were sampled …



Lateral entorhinal cortex suppresses drift in cortical memory representations

M Pilkiw, J Jarovi… - Journal of …, 2022 - Soc Neuroscience 

… The board was connected to a headstage (CerePlex M 64, Blackrock Microsystems), and

signals were acquired through the Cerebus Neural Signal Processor (Blackrock Microsystems)…



Y Salimpour, KA Mills, BY Hwang, WS Anderson - Brain Stimulation, 2022 - Elsevier
… , Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT), and stimulation was delivered using a 96-channel
stimulation system (Cerestim, Blackrock Microsystems)… using a set of functions from the
library provided by Blackrock Microsystems. We called functions written in C++ and Matlab to …


[요약] 위상진폭결합 (Phase-amplitude coupling, PAC)은 낮은 주파수 성분의 위상에 의하여 높은 주파수 성분의 진폭이 동기화 되는 현상을 말하며, 각각 다른 주파수 대역에서 진동간의 상호작용을 나타냅니다. 건강한 뇌에서 PAC는 학습 및 기억과 같은 인지 기능을 수반하며, PAC의 변화는 파킨슨병 (PD), 정신분열증, 강박장애, 알츠하이머 병, 뇌전증을 비롯한 신경질환과 관련이 있습니다.

파킨슨 병의 경우, 도파민 대체 요법이나 뇌심부 자극 (Deep brain stimulation, DBS)와 같은 효과적인 치료법의 맥락에서 motor cortex의 PAC 정상화가 보고되었지만, cortex에서의 중재를 통한 PAC 정상화는 아직 확인되지 않았습니다.  위상표적자극 (Phase-targeted stimulation, PDS)는 PAC 수준을 조절하고 잠재적으로 정상화 할 수 있는 강력한 잠재력을 갖고 있습니다. beta 진동 피크의 위상에 고정된 자극은 motor cortex에서 자극을 받는 동안과 그 이후에 모두 beta-gamma 결합을 증가시켰고, opposite phase 자극은 자극후 결합의 크기를 감소시켰습니다.

이러한 결과는 cortical phase-targeted stimulation이 motor activation을 유발하지 않고 PAC를 조절하는 것을 확인하였고, 이는 파킨슨병과 같은 비정상적인 PAC와 관련된 신경 장애의 치료에 적용할 수 있음을 보여줍니다. 

[Method] Subdural strip electrode와 ECoG 신호 수집을 통해 beta 진동 위상 감지와 beta-gamma 진동 진폭간의 결합을 탐색하였습니다. Neurophysiological data는 Blackrock Microsystems의 128 채널 DAQ 장치인 NeuroPort를 사용하여 수집하였고 자극은 Cerestim을 사용하여 전달되었습니다. 
C++ 및 Matlab에서 알고리즘을 구현하여 실시간으로 NeuroPort로 데이터를 기록하고 위상표적자극(PDS)을 위해 선택된 채널 기록을 처리한 후 trigger 신호를 Cerestim으로 보냈습니다. 



Functional Characterization of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Models of the Brain with Microelectrode Arrays

A Pelkonen, C Pistono, P Klecki, M Gómez-Budia… - Cells, 2022 - mdpi.com 

… Another famous silicon-based array, the Utah array (Blackrock Microsystems), consists of 96

1.5 mm high silicon needles with 400 μm pitch, arranged in a 10 × 10 grid [46]. The sharpened

tip of each electrode is coated with gold/platinum, and the rest of the array is insulated …

HUY CU, L LYNCH, K HUANG, W TRUCCOLO… - 2022 - researchsquare.com
… Following the training, each monkey was implanted with two 100element microelectrode
arrays (MEA, Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT, USA) targeting the hand representation
of the primary somatosensory (S1) and the primary motor (M1) cortices, respectively (Fig. …

X Jiang, P Liang, K Wang, J Jia, X Wang - Neuropharmacology, 2022 - Elsevier
… Signals were recorded using the Cerebus acquisition system (Blackrock Microsystems),
filtered between 0.1 and 250 Hz, and digitized at 1,000 Hz. Channels with an exceptional
noise level were excluded upon visual inspection. All data analyses were performed in …



Single neuron evidence of inattentional blindness in humans

B Freiberg, M Cerf - Neuropsychologia, 2022 - Elsevier  

… The neural signal was acquired using the Blackrock recording system (Blackrock

Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT) and Neuroport software. Behavioral data were acquired using

a dedicated laptop running Matlab's Psychophysics toolbox. Subject's verbal reporting of her …



A one-shot shift from explore to exploit in monkey prefrontal cortex

J Achterberg, M Kadohisa, K Watanabe… - Journal of …, 2022 - Soc Neuroscience 

… The microdrive system interfaced to a multichannel data acquisition system (Cerebus

System, Blackrock Microsystems). Between recording sessions, electrodes were advance by a

minimum of 62.5 μm to ensure recordings of new cells. We amplified and filtered (300 Hz to 10 …



Local interactions between steady-state visually evoked potentials at nearby flickering frequencies

K Liza, S Ray - bioRxiv, 2022 - biorxiv.org 

… For the second 123 monkey, a 10 x 10 microelectrode array grid (Utah array,1mm long and

400 µm apart) with 124 96 active platinum electrodes from Blackrock Microsystems was

implanted in the primary 125 visual cortex of right cerebral hemisphere (centred at ~12 mm lateral …



Predictive accuracy of CNN for cortical oscillatory activity in an acute rat model of parkinsonism

AAN Ali, M Alam, SC Klein, N Behmann, JK Krauss… - Neural Networks, 2022 - Elsevier 

In neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders neuronal oscillatory activity between basal

ganglia and cortical circuits are altered, which may be useful as biomarker for adaptive deep

brain stimulation. We investigated whether changes in the spectral power of oscillatory activity …



Cortical control of virtual self-motion using task-specific subspaces

KE Schroeder, SM Perkins, Q Wang… - Journal of …, 2022 - Soc Neuroscience 

… Neural activity was recorded using chronic 96-channel Utah arrays (Blackrock Microsystems),

implanted in the left hemisphere using standard surgical techniques. In each monkey, an

array was placed in the region of primary motor cortex (M1) corresponding to the upper arm. …



Multiplexed and flexible neural coding in sensory, parietal, and frontal cortices during goal-directed virtual navigation

JP Noel, E Balzani, E Avila, K Lakshminarasimhan… - 2022 - researchsquare.com 

… For the array recordings, broadband neural signals were amplified and digitized at 30 KHz

using a digital headstage (Cereplex E, Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT, USA),

processed using the data acquisition system (Cereplex Direct, Blackrock Microsystems) and …



Optogenetic inhibition of indirect pathway neurons in the dorsomedial striatum reduces excessive grooming in Sapap3-knockout mice

KI Ramírez-Armenta, H Alatriste-León… - …, 2022 - nature.com 

… The recording data was acquired at 30 kHz and passed through a 750 Hz filter (CerePlex

Direct, Blackrock Microsystems). Units were manually sorted using the Offline Sorter Software

(Plexon, Inc). To define modulated cells, we aligned activity to the onset of the 15 light pulses …



Reference-free adaptive filtering of extracellular neural signals recording in ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging scanners: Removal of periodic interferences

CE Cruttenden, JM Taylor, M Ahmadi, Y Zhang… - … Signal Processing and …, 2022 - Elsevier 

… Neural data was simultaneously recorded at 30 kHz using a Cerebus Neural Signal

Processing system from Blackrock Microsystems with a front end amplifier. Neural activity was

recorded in the anesthetized resting state, that is spontaneous activity under anesthesia. The …



Hyperactivity of basolateral amygdala mediates behavioral deficits in mice following exposure to bisphenol A and its analogue alternative 

F Hu, W Liang, L Zhang, H Wang, Z Li, Y Zhou - Chemosphere, 2022 - Elsevier 

… Raw electrical signals were amplified and digitized using a neural signal processing system

(sampling frequency 30 kHz, 16 bits, Blackrock Microsystems) after the signal was stable.

Neuronal firing rates (spikes) were detected and saved by cluster analysis (Offline Sorter v3.3.5…



Differential coding of goals and actions in ventral and dorsal corticostriatal circuits during goal-directed behavior 

H Tang, VD Costa, R Bartolo, BB Averbeck - Cell reports, 2022 - Elsevier 

… The other two monkeys were implanted with eight Utah arrays (BlackRock Microsystems,

Salt Lake City, UT) over the LPFC, surrounding the principal sulcus (Figure 1C). Four 96-electrode

(10 × 10 layout) arrays were implanted in each hemisphere (Tang et al., 2021). Details of …



Dynamical Latent State Computation in the Posterior Parietal Cortex

KJ Lakshminarasimhan, E Avila, X Pitkow, DE Angelaki - bioRxiv, 2022 - biorxiv.org 

… Broadband neural signals were amplified and digitized at 30 KHz using a digital headstage

(Cereplex E, Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT, USA), processed using the data

acquisition system (Cereplex Direct, Blackrock Microsystems) and stored for offline analysis. …



Prefrontal cortical plasticity during learning of cognitive tasks

H Tang, MR Riley, B Singh, XL Qi, DT Blake… - Nature …, 2022 - nature.com 

Training in working memory tasks is associated with lasting changes in prefrontal cortical

activity. To assess the neural activity changes induced by training, we recorded single units,

multi-unit activity (MUA) and local field potentials (LFP) with chronic electrode arrays implanted …



Coding strategy for surface luminance switches in the primary visual cortex of the awake monkey

Y Yang, T Wang, Y Li, W Dai, G Yang, C Han… - Nature …, 2022 - nature.com 

… Electrical signals from electrodes were amplified and digitized with a multichannel

recording system (Blackrock Microsystems). The local field potential is defined as the low-pass-filtered

(300 Hz) signal, and multiunit activity (MUA) is detected by applying a voltage threshold with …



Traveling waves in the prefrontal cortex during working memory

S Bhattacharya, SL Brincat, M Lundqvist… - PLOS Computational …, 2022 - journals.plos.org 

… arrays (1.0 mm length, 400 μm spacing; Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT).

Signals were recorded on a Blackrock Cerebus. Arrays were implanted bilaterally, one array in …



Coordinated multivoxel coding beyond univariate effects is not likely to be observable in fMRI data

M Pakravan, M Abbaszadeh, A Ghazizadeh - NeuroImage, 2022 - Elsevier 

… Electrophysiological recordings were done using a Cerebus system (Blackrock

Microsystems). Epoxy-coated (FHC) or glass-coated (AlphaOmega, 250 total thickness) tungsten …



Shape analysis of gamma rhythm supports a superlinear inhibitory regime in an inhibition-stabilized network

R Krishnakumaran, M Raees, S Ray - PLOS Computational …, 2022 - journals.plos.org 

… The raw signals from microelectrodes were recorded using the 128-channel Cerebus neural

signal processor (Blackrock Microsystems). LFP was obtained by filtering the raw signals …





2021 논문  



Chronic wireless neural population recordings with common marmosets

JD Walker, F Pirschel, M Sundiang, M Niekrasz… - Cell reports, 2021 - Elsevier 

… To demonstrate this flexibility, we adapted the approach we describe here to the 96-channel

Exilis wireless headstage (Blackrock Microsystems) to record from a new array implanted in … 



Neuropathological effects of chronically implanted, intracortical microelectrodes in a tetraplegic patient 

 LJ Szymanski, S Kellis, CY Liu, KT Jones… - Journal of Neural …, 2021 - iopscience.iop.org

… Three 96-channel NeuroPort MEAs from Blackrock Microsystems were implanted into the 
 cerebral cortex of the left hemisphere (figure 1) [5]. Two arrays had platinum-tipped 
 microelectrodes for recording neuronal activity. In the 3rd array, the electrode tips were coated with …

BM Dekleva, JM Weiss, ML Boninger… - Journal of Neural …, 2021 - iopscience.iop.org
… , two 88-channel microelectrode arrays (Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT) were … 
, two 96-channel microelectrode arrays (Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT) were … 
and a portable NeuroPort Signal Processor (Blackrock Microsystems), connected to a medical-…

B Wang, C Han, T Wang, W Dai, Y Li, Y Yang… - Scientific reports, 2021 - nature.com
… , 0.4-mm electrode separation; Blackrock Microsystems), and the other was … Blackrock 
Microsystems). The array and the exposed cortex were covered in 1.5–2% agar to prevent the 
 pulsation. Raw data was acquired using a Cerebus 128-channel system (Blackrock Microsystems...

CL Hughes, SN Flesher, JM Weiss… - Journal of Neural …, 2021 - iopscience.iop.org
… A single subject was implanted with two microelectrode arrays (Blackrock Microsystems, 
 Salt Lake City, UT) in somatosensory cortex. Each electrode array consisted of 60 electrodes 
 in a 6 × 10 grid, 32 of which were wired and functional. The remaining electrodes were not …

T Decramer, E Premereur, Q Zhu… - Journal of …, 2021 - Soc Neuroscience
… The array was interfaced with a digital head stage (Blackrock Microsystems) connected to a 
 128-channel neural signal processor (Blackrock Microsystems). Spiking activity was high-pass 
 filtered (750 Hz). A multiunit detection trigger was set at 95% of the noise of the signal. …

L Bashford, I Rosenthal, S Kellis, K Pejsa… - Journal of …, 2021 - Soc Neuroscience
… One 96-channel, platinum tipped Neuroport microelectrode recording array (Blackrock 
Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT) was implanted in each of SMG and PMv. Two 48-channel 
 SIROF-tipped (sputtered iridium oxide film) microelectrode arrays were implanted in S1. Further 

J Liu, L Lin, DV Wang - Journal of Neuroscience, 2021 - Soc Neuroscience
… , digitized, and recorded using either the Blackrock Microsystems data acquisition system or 
 the Plexon Multichannel Acquisition Processor system. The behaviors of mice were recorded 
 simultaneously. For the Blackrock Microsystems system, local field potentials (LFPs) and ……

DA Moses, SL Metzger, JR Liu… - … England Journal of …, 2021 - Mass Medical Soc
Background Technology to restore the ability to communicate in paralyzed persons who 
 cannot speak has the potential to improve autonomy and quality of life. An approach that 
 decodes words and sentences directly from the cerebral cortical activity of such patients may …

A Das, S Ray - Cerebral cortex communications, 2021 - academic.oup.com
… Blackrock microsystems) and 9 (3 × 3) electrocorticogram (ECoG) electrodes (Ad-Tech Medical 
 Instrument Corporation), both attached to the same connector made by Blackrock microsystems… 
the Cerebus Neural Signal Processor (Blackrock Microsystems). LFP was obtained by …

MS Willsey, CS Nu, SR Nason, KE Schroeder… - Eneuro, 2021 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
… Spikes were defined using the Cerebus neural signal processor (Blackrock Microsystems) 
 when the 250 Hz high-pass-filtered signal crossed a threshold of −4.5 times the root mean 
 square voltage. The Cerebus system then communicated the detection of a spike to a computer …

K Woeppel, C Hughes, AJ Herrera, JR Eles… - … in bioengineering and …, 2021 - frontiersin.org
… The second subject (P2) was implanted with two Pt microelectrode arrays (Blackrock 
Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT) in the left somatosensory cortex and two IrOx microelectrode 
 arrays in the left parietal cortex. Each Pt array in the somatosensory cortex consisted of 88 wired …

CL Hughes, RA Gaunt - 2021 10th International IEEE/EMBS …, 2021 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
… A single subject was implanted with two microelectrode arrays (Blackrock Microsystems, 
 Salt Lake City, UT) in the somatosensory cortex. Each electrode array consisted of 32 wired 
 electrodes arranged on a 6x10 grid with a 400 μm interelectrode space, resulting in a device …

2020 논문  

S Borgognon - 2020 - perso.unifr.ch
… facility, protective caps based on the Blackrock Cereport pedestal design were manufactured
that … In 2018, Blackrock microsystem released a new wireless transmitter called Exilis. This …

M Berger, NS Agha, A Gail - Elife, 2020 - elifesciences.org
… The spacing allows for: 1) connecting six 32channel Cereplex (Blackrock Microsystems
LLC) headstages for tethered recording simultaneously on all connectors, 2) directly plugging a …

2019 논문  

M Leber, J Körner, CF Reiche, M Yin… - … Interface: Frontiers and …, 2019 - Springer
… by Blackrock Microsystems LLC. The latter include the Brown Wireless Device (BWD), CerePlex
W [14], and CerePlex Exilis … system development from Blackrock Microsystems LLC, with …


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