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Preparing Your Samples for Immunodetection


Most immunodetection assays rely on the isolation and purification of protein samples. Proteins can be isolated from cell culture media, for studying cytokines and growth factors, cell lysates when detecting signaling proteins, or tissue samples which contain the target protein.

Millipore products can be integrated into each step of your sample prep workflow, from lysing cells to concentration of purified protein. When isolating proteins of interest from tissues or cultured cells, the cells must be disrupted. This can be accomplished by various methodologies such as mechanical, chemical, and enzymatic. For basic disruption of cells Millipore offers a RIPA lysis reagent. This lysis reagent, when coupled with the use of a microporous centrifugal device for clarification, provides a quick and simple option for the extraction of biomolecules. Of increasing importance is the study of proteins from specific regions of the cell. To aid researchers in isolating these target proteins Millipore provides kits for initial purification and preparation of proteins, isolation of compartmental and nuclear protein, as well as localization of subscellular structures.

출처: http://www.millipore.com