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KOMA Mini-Catalog

  • KOMA Inhibitor Book

    총 4900여개의 Small Molecules이 수록되어 있습니다.

  • KOMA Neuroscience

    Neuroscience 관련 Kit, 항체, biochemical 등의 제품이 소개되어 있는 미니 카달로그입니다.

  • KOMA Drug Discovery & Development

    신약개발연구를 위한 Kinase, Ion channel, GPCR 관련 제품과 서비스 내용이 수록되어 있습니다.


    다양한 분야의 ELISA kit와 Assay Kit 목록이 수록된 미니카탈로그 입니다.

  • KOMA Virus Expression and Gene Delivery

    아데노바이러스, 렌티바이러스, AAV 서비스 및 제품이 소개되어 있는 미니 카달로그입니다.

  • KOMA Electrophoresis

    단백질 및 DNA 전기영동장치, pre-cast gel, Marker, 각종 reagent들이 소개되어 있는 미니 카달로그입니다.

  • KOMA PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

    PCR 및 분자생물학 관련 제품들이 수록된 미니카탈로그 입니다.

  • KOMA Minicatalog

    전기영동, ELISA Kit, PCR Kit등의 고마 제품들이 수록된 미니카탈로그 입니다.


Immunology & Western Blot
  • ELISA Guide (PDF only)

    ELISA 실험에 대한 hint, tip, troubleshooting 등 자세한 가이드를 제공합니다.

  • Immunological Reagents for Research and Diagnostic Assay Development

    MP Biomedicals의 Monoclonal, Polyclonal Antibody 및 Purified Protein을 소개합니다.

  • Immunology Research (PDF only)

    Chemokine, Integrin, Cytokine Receptors 등에 대한 agonist, antagonist, inhibitor를 소개합니다.


  • Autophagy Poster (PDF Only)

    Autophagy의 메커니즘과 역할, activator와 inhibitor 제품을 소개해드립니다.

  • Depression Poster (PDF Only)

    Antidepressants의 개발을 위한 target정보와 pathway입니다.

  • Angiogenesis Poster (PDF Only)

    Angiogenesis is the generation of new blood vessels from pre-existing vasculature. It is a hallmark of cancer and plays a key role in enabling tumor growth, progression and metastasis.

  • Cytokine Network

    Cytokine의 signaling pathway를 확인하세요.

  • Akt Pathway (PDF Only)

    The Akt signalling pathway plays a key role in the mediation of protein synthesis, metabolism, proliferation and cell cycle progression. It may be referred to as a 'prosurvival' pathway.

  • AMPK Pathway (PDF Only)

    AMPK signalling pathway plays an important role in the cellular reponse to low levels of available ATP, often caused by stresses such as heat shock, ischemia or hypoxia.

  • Apoptosis Pathway (PDF Only)

    Apoptosis is a physiological process for cell death that is critical during ageing and development. It may also be referred to as cell 'suicide'. Apoptosis can be triggered by events both inside and outside of the cell.

  • Estrogen Pathway (PDF Only)

    Estrogen is a steroid hormone that is responsible for the regulation of growth, differentiation and function of the reproductive system. Estrogen signalling is often dysregulated in breast cancer and osteoporosis.

  • Hedgehog Pathway (PDF Only)

    The Hedgehog (Hh) pathway is involved in development. It induces cellular proliferation and morphogenesis in developing tissues and organs. Hh signalling has been implicated in cancer.

  • Insulin Pathway (PDF Only)

    Signalling through the insulin pathway is fundamental for the regulation of intracellular glucose levels. This pathway can become dysregulated in diabetes.

  • JAK-STAT Pathway (PDF Only)

    The JAK-STAT signalling pathway has several roles, including the control of cell proliferation and hematopoiesis. It is the main signal transduction cascade from cytokine receptors.

  • MAPK Pathway (PDF Only)

    The mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway evokes an intracellular signalling cascade in response to extracellular stimuli such as heat and stress. It can influence cell division, metabolism and survival.

  • mTOR Pathway (PDF Only)

    mTOR is a serine/threonine kinase that nucleates at multiprotein complexes mTORC1 and mTORC2. Signalling by these complexes regulates cell growth, proliferation and survival.

  • NF-κB Pathway (PDF Only)

    NF-κB signalling plays an important role in inflammation, the innate and adaptive immune response and stress. Dysregulated signalling can occur in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

  • Notch Pathway (PDF Only)

    The Notch pathway is involved in determination of cell fate, regulation of pattern formation and other developmental settings. Disrupted signalling can cause developmental defects and a range of adult pathologies.

  • p53 Pathway (PDF Only)

    p53 signalling plays an important role in the co-ordination of the cellular response different types of stress such as DNA damage and hypoxia. The downstream signals lead to apoptosis, senescence and cell cycle arrest.

  • TGF-β Pathway (PDF Only)

    The TGF-β signalling pathway is involved in the regulation of growth and proliferation of cells along with migration, differentiation and apoptosis.

  • Toll-like Receptor Pathway (PDF Only)

    TLR signalling is involved in the cellular response to threatening molecules such as bacteria and viruses. It results in an inflammatory and immmunological response.

  • VEGF Pathway (PDF Only)

    TLR signalling is involved in the cellular response to threatening molecules such as bacteria and viruses. It results in an inflammatory and immmunological response.

  • Wnt Pathway (PDF Only)

    The Wnt pathway is involved in cellular differentiation and proliferation in adult tissues and also during embryogenesis. Disturbances within the pathway may lead to the formation of tumors and promote metastasis.

  • p53 Poster

    p53 tumour suppressor response에 대한 정보를 담았습니다.

  • Human Ion Channelome Poster

    Human Ion Channelome 정보를 담았습니다.

  • Human GPCRome Poster

    Human GPCRome 정보를 담았습니다.

  • Human Kinome Poster

    Human Kinome 정보를 담았습니다.