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hiPSC-Derived Motor Neuron Progenitors

hiPSC로 유도된 Motor neuron progenitor를 소개합니다.

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  • Progenitor cell은 Motor neuron cell fate markers (OLIG2과 SOX1)를 발현합니다.
  • Mature stage에서는 Motor neuron의 대표적인 마커인 HB9, LIM3, ChAT를 발현합니다.
  • 배양에 필요한 media를 제공합니다. 특히 Recovery media는 전구세포가 iPSC-derived motor neurons으로 성장, 성숙하는데 최적의 조건을 제공합니다.
  • 동물모델을 대신하여 drug-screening assay, 운동신경세포 퇴행성 모델등의 연구에 이용됩니다.
  • 세포 제공량 : ≥2 x 106 cells

 Human iPSC-derived motor neuron progenitors 
 Cat. No. Product Name Donor
 ax0078 Motor Neuron Progenitors (Healthy) Fibroblasts (74 yr Male)
 ax0073 Motor Neuron Progenitors (Healthy - sibling (C9ORF72 extension))  Fibroblasts (62 yr Male)
 ax0074 Motor Neuron Progenitors (ALS (C9ORF72 extension))  Fibroblasts (64 yr Female)
 ax0178 Human iPSC-Derived Motor Neuron Progenitor Kit (Male) Fibroblasts (74 yr Male)

 Motor neuron culture media and reagents 
 Cat. No. Product Name Quantity
 ax0071 Motor Neuron Recovery Medium  50 mL
 ax0072 Motor Neuron Maintenance Medium  200 mL
 ax0041 SureBond  3 vials of SureBond (120 μL/vial)
 ax0052 SureBond+ReadySet  3 vials of SureBond (120 μL/vial) and 2 vials of ReadySet (10 mL/vial)
 ax0044 Unlock  25 mL

  • Mature motor neuron의 마커 HB9, LIM3 and ChAT의 발현 (Immunocytochemistry)    

           Protein expression of HB9, LIM3 and ChAT was confirmed in Axol iPSC-derived motor neuron
           using immunocytochemistry. Human iPSC-motor neurons were cultured in motor neuron
           maintenance medium (ax0072) for 14 days post passaging before staining for motor neuron 
           markers LIM3 (green), HB9 (red) and ChAT (red) along with staining for neural markers 
          TUJ1 (green) and MAP2 (red). Merged images were counterstained with Hoechst.

  • Voltage Clamp

     (Ai) Synaptic activity recorded from a Human iPSC-derived Motor Neuron using whole-cell patch-clamp
     technique (voltage clamp mode). (Aii) Synaptic activity shown on a faster time scale to reveal the kinetics
     of individual postsynaptic currents. (B) Traces showing fast, inactivating Na+ currents recorded in response
     to brief depolarizing voltage steps. (C) Traces showing persistent K+ currents recorded in response to longer
     duration depolarizing voltage steps. Data kindly provided by Amit K. Chouhan and Dr Gareth Miles
     (University of St Andrews).


주문정보(Ordering Information)
ax0178Human iPSC-Derived Motor Neuron Progenitor Kit (Male)1 vial
ax0072Motor Neuron Maintenance Medium 200 mL
ax0074Motor Neuron Progenitors (ALS (C9ORF72 extension)) 1 vial
ax0073Motor Neuron Progenitors (Healthy - sibling (C9ORF72 extension)) 1 vial
ax0078Motor Neuron Progenitors (Healthy)1 vial
ax0071Motor Neuron Recovery Medium 50 mL
ax0041SureBond 3 vials
ax0052SureBond+ReadySet 3 vials and 2 vials
ax0044Unlock25 mL