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Stem Cell Colony Formation Assay

BFU-E, CFU-E, GM-CFC, G-CFC, M-CFC, MK-CFC등 stem cell과 lymphoid cell의 multiple colony를 한번에 카운팅할 수 있는 시약입니다.

Preferred Cell Systems (구 HemoGenix)
제품 문의하기

  • 한번의 배양으로 multiple stem cell, multiple lineage colony를 확인할 수 있습니다.
  • 세포의 clonal growth와 증식을 통한 모든 조혈세포 연구에 사용될 수 있습니다.
  • In vitro에서 다양한 cell type의 동시다발적인 확인을 필요로 하는 조혈세포치료 연구에 사용될 수 있습니다.
  • Speciese (선택): Human, Non-human primate, Dog, Rat, Mouse
  • Tissues : 
    - Bone marrow from all species
    - Umbilical cord blood from human tissue
    - Peripheral blood from all species
    - Mobilized peripheral blood from human tissue
    - Other hematopoietic organs and tissues from different species

  • AllColonies Traditional : 35mm Petri dish 포맷. 모든 CFC/CFU assay에 이용됨. 44 sample 측정가능
  • AllColonies Micro : 미니어처타입의 4-well assay 포맷. 50 sample 측정가능
  • AllColonies Multi : 96-well plate 포맷. ATP 이용한 bioluminecescent readout. 표준화 곡선 생성


  • AllColonies™ Traditional: 100mL AllColonies™ Reagent
  • AllColonies™ Micro: AllColonies™ Reagent, 50 culture plates
  • AllColonies™ Multi:
     - AllColonies™ Reagent
     - Sterile 96-well plate for cell culture
     - Non-sterile 96-well plate for assay standardization
     - ATP Enumeration Reagent
     - ATP standard
     - ATP controls
     - Sterile adhesive foil to maintain unused wells sterile

     The following are a series of colony images from cultures using the AllColonies™ Reagent. AllColonies™
     produces massive colonies that are derived from very primitive lympho-hematopoietic stem cells stimulated
     with a proprietary cocktails of factors. The colonies produced demonstrate that the cells can be from individual
     lineages or multiple lineages. The size of some of the colonies is an indication of the primitiveness of the cell
     giving rise to the colony.

주문정보(Ordering Information)
AL-KC-50CAllColonies Micro Assay kit, DogEA
AL-KC-50HAllColonies Micro Assay kit, HumanEA
AL-KC-50MAllColonies Micro Assay kit, MouseEA
AL-KC-50PrAllColonies Micro Assay kit, PrimateEA
AL-KC-50RAllColonies Micro Assay kit, RatEA
AL-KCO-1CAllColonies Multi Assay kit, DogEA
AL-KCO-1HAllColonies Multi Assay kit, HumanEA
AL-KCO-1MAllColonies Multi Assay kit, MouseEA
AL-KCO-1PrAllColonies Multi Assay kit, PrimateEA
AL-KCO-1RAllColonies Multi Assay kit, RatEA
AL-CG-100CAllColonies Traditional Reagent, DogEA
AL-CG-100HAllColonies Traditional Reagent, HumanEA
AL-CG-100MAllColonies Traditional Reagent, MouseEA
AL-CG-100PrAllColonies Traditional Reagent, PrimateEA
AL-CG-100RAllColonies Traditional Reagent, RatEA