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초소형 무선 CerePlex Exilis wireless headstage

CerePlex Exilis는 small animal의 freely moving에 효과적으로 이용할 수 있는 무선 headstage 입니다.

Blackrock Microsystems
제품 문의하기

  • 무선 headstage
  • 초소형
  • 가벼움
  • 배터리 유지 시간 2.5hr
  • small animal의 freely moving recording
  • 30kS/s sampling
  • 96ch까지 리코딩 가능
  • 적용 : Marmosets, rats, freely behaving small animals

          (a) 3 Omnetics connector (96ch)
          (b) CerePlex Exilis digital wireless headstage
          (c) Antenna
          (d) Wireless receiver
          (e) CerePlex Direct Data Acquisition System

  • Number of channels : Up to 96
  • Input connector : Omnetics 36-pin female
  • Compatible electrodes : Utah Array or any electrodes with Omnetics 36-pin female connector
  • Dimension : 25mm x 23mm x 14mm   (w/o Omnetics connector)
  • Battery life : 2.5hrs
  • Weight : 9.87g with battery
  • Operating range : 1m x 1m x 1m