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Cas9 (CRISPR Associated Protein 9) ELISA Kit

세포 및 조직에서 Cas9를 측정 및 정량하는 ELISA Kit 입니다.

Cell Biolabs
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  • Cas9 ELISA Kit는 세포 또는 조직 lysate에서 S. pyogenes Cas9를 검출 및 정량하기 위한 ELISA Kit 입니다.
  • Sensitivity limit : 1.5 ng/mL Cas9
  • Kit components:
    1. Anti-Cas9 Antibody Coated Plate
    2. Biotinylated Anti-Cas9 Antibody (1000X)
    3. Streptavidin-Enzyme Conjugate
    4. Assay Diluent
    5. 10X Wash Buffer
    6. Substrate Solution
    7. Stop Solution
    8. Cas9 Standard


   Example of Results :

   The following figures demonstrate typical results
   with the Cas9 ELISA Kit. One should use the
   data below for reference only. This data should
   not be used to interpret actual results.

   Detection of Cas9 in Transfected 293 cells :

   Cells were transiently transfected with a Cas9
   mammalian expression vector or mock transfected.
   After 48 hours, cells were lysed in RIPA buffer and
   protein concentration was determined. The Cas9
   ELISA kit was performed in the absence of cell
   lysate (Neg), the presence of 50 ng/mL Cas9
   Nuclease (Pos) (NEB catalog number M0386),
   the presence of 10 μg protein lysate of mock
   transfected (Mock), or Cas9 transfected (Cas9).