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PBMC & Leukopak

Healthy, disease state PBMC 및 Leukopak을 제공합니다.

상세한 characterization, demographic information이 함께 제공됩니다.

Precision for Medicine
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 Healthy PBMCs
  • 100개 이상의 unique donor lot inventory 보유
  • 모든 lot은 IBR 승인 동의서 및 프로토콜을 사용하여 획득
  • Donor data가 수록된 inventory list를 통해 연구 목적에 맞는 PBMC 선택 용이


 Disease State PBMCs
  • Disease state의 PBMC 제공
  • 다양한 질병에 대한 치료법 연구에 용이
  • 모든 lot은 IBR 승인 동의서 및 프로토콜을 사용하여 획득
  • 각 disease state별로 최소 3개의 lot inventory 보유
  • matched plasma aliquot 가능
  • detailed reports와 함께 제공 (donor demographics, date of diagnosis, current medications..)
  • 종류: Autoimmune Disorders, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Oncology, Infectious Disease...


  • Healthy & disease state donor로부터 leukopheresis를 통해 수집된 Leukopak 제공
  • Healthy Leukopak : single donor로부터의 10 billion leukocyte 및 200-300ml matched plasma
  • Disease state Leukopak : 특정 조건, 질병으로 진단받은 donor의 blood로 구성
  • Fresh collection으로 제공

  1. Use a dry ice tub to transfer vials to the lab, making sure to keep the vials submerged in the dry ice to keep them cold.
2. Hold the frozen vial in water in a 37 ± 3°C water bath. Do not thaw more than 4 vials at a time.
3. GENTLY shake the vial in the water until just before the last ice crystal has melted.
4. Check to make sure the cap is secure. It is possible that the cap may loosen slightly with the temperature change between the ice and the water bath.
5. Just before the last ice crystals have melted, remove the vial from the water bath.
6. Wipe the vial with a sterile alcohol pad, focusing on the cap area.
7. Unscrew the cap slowly as pressure may build inside tube on thaw.
8. Add 1 mL of culture media that has been brought to 37 ± 3°C (warm) to the vial drop by drop over 30 seconds to allow the cells to adjust to the change in environment.
9. Slowly add the cells to a 15 or 50 mL conical tube containing 9 mL of warm culture media.
10. Rinse the original vial with 1 mL of the cell-containing media to recover cells that may have adhered to the sides; add the rinse media to the conical tube.
11. Pellet the cells by centrifugation at 350 x g for 8-12 minutes.
12. Discard the supernatant. Re-suspend the cell pellet by gently tapping (avoid excessive shear forces).
13. Rinse the cells again by adding 10 mL of warm culture media to the conical tube.
14. Pellet the cells by centrifugation at 350 x g for 8-12 minutes.
15. Discard the supernatant from the second wash. Re-suspend the cell pellet by gently tapping (avoid excessive shear forces).
16. Resuspend the cells in 5-10 mL of warm media as required.
17. Count cells using laboratory specific procedures and proceed with laboratory protocols.
18. For assays requiring PBMC growth, better results may be obtained if the cells are rested overnight before use.
19. Place the cells in a 50 mL tube, no more than 10 mL per tube.
20. Slightly loosen the cap and place the tubes in a 37°C incubator overnight with the appropriate CO2 concentration.               


주문정보(Ordering Information)
94999Disease State Human Plasma10 mL
85000-5MHuman CBMNCs, Purified, 5M1.0 mL
84100-5MHuman CD14+ Monocytes, Negatively Selection, 5-8M1.0 mL
84400-5MHuman CD19+ B-Cells, Negatively Selection, 5-8M1.0 mL
84200-5MHuman CD4+ T-Cells, Negatively Selection, 5-8M1.0 mL
84300-5MHuman CD8+ T-Cells, Negatively Selection, 5-8M1.0 mL
50004-182Human Leukopak, Asthma, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-114Human Leukopak, Celiac Disease, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-180Human Leukopak, COPD, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-110Human Leukopak, Crohn's Disease, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-160Human Leukopak, Diabetes Type 1, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-162Human Leukopak, Diabetes Type 2, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-133Human Leukopak, HBV, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-136Human Leukopak, HCV, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-130Human Leukopak, HIV, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-138Human Leukopak, HPV, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-140Human Leukopak, Lupus (SLE), Half Pack1 Pack
50008-110Human Leukopak, Normal, Full Pack1 Pack
50004-150Human Leukopak, Psoriasis, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-170Human Leukopak, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Half Pack1 Pack
50004-112Human Leukopak, Ulcerative Colitis, Half Pack1 Pack
84600 -5MHuman Pan-T Cells, Negatively Selection, 5M1.5 mL
94184-10MHuman PBMC, Acne, 10M1.5 mL
94182-10MHuman PBMC, Asthma, 10M1.5 mL
94114-10MHuman PBMC, Celiac Disease, 10M1.5 mL
94120-10MHuman PBMC, CLL, 10M1.5 mL
94180-10MHuman PBMC, COPD, 10M1.5 mL
94110-10MHuman PBMC, Crohn's Disease, 10M1.5 mL
94160-10MHuman PBMC, Diabetes Type 1, 10M1.5 mL
94162-10MHuman PBMC, Diabetes Type 2, 10M1.5 mL
94140-10MHuman PBMC, Lupus (SLE), 10M1.5 mL
94150-10MHuman PBMC, Psoriasis, 10M1.5 mL
94170-10MHuman PBMC, Rheumatoid Arthritis, 10M1.5 mL
94112-10MHuman PBMC, Ulcerative Colitis, 10M1.5 mL
86500-5MHuman TH17 Cells, Negatively Selection, 5-8M1.0 mL
93000-10MNormal Human PBMC Purified, Characterized, 10M 1.5 mL
93000-50MNormal Human PBMC Purified, Characterized, 50M 1.5 mL