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 제품안내  분석 제작 서비스   신약개발 탐색 서비스  CYP, Drug metabolism

Silensomes for CYP contribution test

Single CYP의 기능을 silence시켜, in vitro 약물대사 테스트에 유용한 validated human pooled liver microsomes (HLMs) 입니다.

제품 문의하기

  • 특정 CYP 기능을 Mechanism Based Inhibitors를 이용하여 화학적, 비가역적으로 inactivation 시킨 liver microsome 입니다.
  • 기존 CYP assay의 단점을 극복하여 실험 후, CYP의 정량, 정성 분석 결과를 정확하게 제공합니다.
  • Ready-to-use 타입으로, 사용이 편리하고 실험 시간을 단축시킬 수 있습니다.
  • 높은 재현성을 보여주며, in vivo 실험 결과와도 유사한 결과를 보여줍니다.
  • Homologous control이 함께 제공됩니다. (2.5mg proteins/tube)
  • -80°C에서 최소 5년간 stable 합니다.


  • Irreversibly inhibited CYPs
  • For initial rate conditions
  • For saturating conditions
  • One single model for CYP phenotyping assays, instead of a battery of in-vitro tests
  • Quantitative: the true contribution of the CYP450 in the metabolism of the coumpound can be measured
  • A powerful model with an excellent specificity, potency, stability and predictability to ensure reliable extrapolation of the drug-drug interaction risk
  • More representative of in-vivo, using human liver microsomes rather than recombinant enzymes isolated from non-mammalian cells

Cat. No Description Unit
SIL200 Human hepatic Silensomes™ 3A4  vial
SIL210 Human hepatic Silensomes™ 1A2  vial
SIL220 Human hepatic Silensomes™  2A6  vial
SIL230 Human hepatic Silensomes™ 2B6  vial
SIL240 Human hepatic Silensomes™ 2D6  vial
SIL250 Human hepatic Silensomes™ 2C8 vial
SIL260 Human hepatic Silensomes™ 2C9  vial
SIL000 Silensomes™ Control vial


주문정보(Ordering Information)
SIL210Human hepatic CYP1A2-SILENSOMES™1 Vial
SIL220Human hepatic CYP2A6-SILENSOMES™1 Vial
SIL230Human hepatic CYP2B6 SILENSOMES™1 Vial
SIL270Human hepatic CYP2C19-SILENSOMES™1 Vial
SIL250Human hepatic CYP2C8-SILENSOMES™1 Vial
SIL260Human hepatic CYP2C9-SILENSOMES™1 Vial
SIL240Human hepatic CYP2D6-SILENSOMES™1 Vial
SIL280Human hepatic CYP2E1-SILENSOMES™1 Vial
SIL200Human hepatic CYP3A4-SILENSOMES™1 Vial