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Antibody Duos & Panels

ü 50ul ҷ Ʈ մϴ. Duo 2 ü, Panel 3 ̻ ü 2 ü Բ մϴ. Ÿ ܹ 2 ̻ ѹ Ȯ ־, ŷڵ ŵϴ.

ǰ ϱ


    • PTM Duos : For the study of protein  post translational modification
    • Pathway Duos : For pathway analysis and  protein-protein relationship
    • Control Duos : For WB, IHC, IF, FACS, and other basic laboratory practices
    • ELISA Duos : For Sandwich ELISA experiments



Cat. No Antibody Duo Set Antibody 
ARG30065 Alpha Fetoprotein ELISA Antibody Duo AFP [AFP-Y2], [AFP-Y2] (HRP)
ARG30234 Anti-IFN gamma Antibody Duo IFN-gamma/Biotin
ARG30105 Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo  Caspase3, PARP
ARG30078 Beta 2 Microglobulin ELISA Antibody Duo beta 2 Microglobulin [D2E9], [D3A2] (HRP)
ARG30064 Beta amyloid peptide 40 ELISA Antibody Duo APP [NT 4A2], [CV9 7B10] (Biotin)
ARG30063 Beta amyloid peptide 42 ELISA Antibody Duo APP [NT 4A2], [CA9 10C11] (Biotin)
ARG30192 C Reactive Protein ELISA Duo C Reactive Protein
ARG30194 C Reactive Protein ELISA Duo C Reactive Protein
ARG30066 Carcinoembryonic Antigen ELISA Antibody Duo CEA [CEA-Y1], [CEA-Y2] (HRP)
ARG30246 CARM1 mediated histone arginine methylation Antibody Duo  H3R17me2a, H3R26me2a
ARG30013 Colorectal Carcinoma Marker Antibody Duo  Colorectal carcinoma antibody, PKM2
ARG30195 D-Dimer ELISA Duo D-Dimer 
ARG30073 EGF ELISA Antibody Duo EGF [S-134], [S-146] (HRP)
ARG30060 Follicle Stimulating Hormone ELISA Antibody Duo FSH [FSH-1], [FSH-2] (HRP)
ARG30067 Free Prostate Specific Antigen ELISA Antibody Duo Free PSA [108], [103] (HRP)
ARG30007 GFAP Antibody Duo  Host: Goat, Rabbit
ARG30006 Glia / Neural Progenitor Marker Antibody Duo  GFAP, Nestin
ARG30076 GM-CSF ELISA Antibody Duo GM-CSF [59],[429] (HRP)
ARG30093 Hippocampal Neurogenesis Marker Antibody Duo Prox1, Dcx
ARG30191 HPV18 E7 ELISA Duo HPV16 E7, HPV18 E7
ARG30059 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ELISA Antibody Duo hCG [HCG-1], [HCG-2] (HRP)
ARG30055 Human Growth Hormone ELISA Antibody Duo hGH [YC6], [YC8] (HRP) 
ARG30053 Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 Antibody Duo HIV-1 p24 ELISA 
ARG30075 IL16 ELISA Antibody Duo IL16 [398], [323] (HRP)
ARG30070 IL8 ELISA Antibody Duo IL8 [I8-S2], [I8-60] (HRP)
ARG30058 Luteinizing Hormone ELISA Antibody Duo LH [LH-1], [LH-2] (HRP)
ARG30127 Lymphocyte Marker Antibody Duo  CD3, CD19
ARG30071 MCP1 ELISA Antibody Duo MCP-1 [S14], [S101] (HRP)
ARG30074 MCP3 ELISA Antibody Duo MCP3 [542], [113] (HRP)
ARG30106 Mitochondria/Caspase Dependant Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo  Caspase9, Cytochrome c
ARG30197 MPO ELISA Duo Myeloperoxidase/MPO
ARG30146 Nestin and Vimentin Antibody Duo Nestin, Vimentin
ARG30011 Neurofilament Antibody Duo  NF-H, NF-L
ARG30008 Neuron Development Marker Antibody Duo  Nestin, Tuj1
ARG30083 Neuron Development Marker Antibody Duo  Nestin, Tau
ARG30009 Neuron Marker Antibody Duo  Nestin, MAP2
ARG30010 Neuronal Cytoskeletal Antibody Duo  NF-L, TUBBIII
ARG30233 Phospho BCL-XL Antibody Duo  Total, pS62
ARG30225 Phospho c-Jun Antibody Duo  Total, pS73
ARG30238 Phospho EGFR Antibody Duo  Total, pY998
ARG30231 Phospho Ezrin Antibody Duo  Total, pT567
ARG30237 Phospho HER2 Antibody Duo  Total, pY877
ARG30240 Phospho IGF-1R Antibody Duo  Total, pY1161
ARG30216 Phospho MARCKS Antibody Duo for Rat  Total, pS152/156
ARG30213 Phospho p53 Antibody Duo  Total, pS15
ARG30219 Phospho PDK1 Antibody Duo  Total, pS241
ARG30220 Phospho Raf1 Antibody Duo  Total, pS259
ARG30214 Phospho STAT5A Antibody Duo  Total, pY694
ARG30038 Phospho-AKT Antibody Duo  pS473 pT308
ARG30094 Phospho-Beclin Antibody Duo  pS234, pS295
ARG30157 Phospho-CaMKII Antibody Duo CAMK2A, CaMKII phospho (Thr286) 
ARG30124 Phospho-c-Myc Antibody Duo  Total, pT58
ARG30125 Phospho-c-Myc Antibody Duo  Total, pS62
ARG30024 Phospho-CREB (pS133)/ Phospho-beta Catenin (pS37) Antibody Duo Phospho-CREB (pS133), Phospho-beta Catenin (pS37) 
ARG30098 Phospho-CREB Antibody Duo  Total, pS133
ARG30102 Phospho-Dopamine Transporter / DAT Antibody Duo  Total, pT53
ARG30101 Phospho-Dynamin Antibody Duo  Total, pS774
ARG30247 Phospho-eNOS Antibody Duo  Total, pY1177
ARG30025 Phospho-FAK Antibody Duo  pY576/577, pY925
ARG30171 Phospho-FKHR/FOXO1 Antibody Duo  Total, pS256
ARG30034 Phospho-Her2 Antibody Duo  Total, pY1221/1222
ARG30035 Phospho-ICAM1 Antibody Duo  Total, pY512
ARG30037 Phospho-IKB alpha Antibody Duo  Total, pS32/36
ARG30042 Phospho-IRS-1 (pS307)/ Phospho-PKC theta (pS695) Antibody Duo Phospho-IRS-1 (pS307), Phospho-PKC theta (pS695) 
ARG30040 Phospho-IRS-1 Antibody Duo  pS636, pS307
ARG30041 Phospho-IRS-1 Antibody Duo  Total, pS636
ARG30207 Phospho-JunB Antibody Duo  Total, pSer259
ARG30052 Phospho-mTOR Antibody Duo  Total, pS2448
ARG30012 Phospho-Myc Antibody Duo  pS62, pS58
ARG30248 Phospho-NFkB Antibody Duo  Total, pS536
ARG30032 Phospho-p53 Antibody Duo  pS33, pS46
ARG30202 Phospho-p70 S6 Kinase Antibody Duo  Total, pS411
ARG30014 Phospho-PKM2 Antibody Duo  Total, pS37
ARG30046 Phospho-RB Antibody Duo  Total, pS807
ARG30033 Phospho-ZAP70 Antibody Duo  Total, pY319
ARG30043 Phospho-ZAP70 Antibody Duo  pY319, pY493
ARG30057 Prolactin ELISA Antibody Duo PRL [PRL-1], [PRL-2] (HRP)
ARG30068 Prostate Specific Antigen ELISA Antibody Duo PSA [CHYH1], [CHYH2] (HRP)
ARG30086 Regulatory T cells Marker Antibody Duo  FoxP3, CD4
ARG30077 SAA ELISA Antibody Duo SAA [115], [607] (HRP)
ARG30051 Smooth Muscle Marker Antibody Duo  Desmin, SMA
ARG30154 Suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN) Marker Antibody Duo VIP, Vasopressin
ARG30049 SyK / Zap70 Antibody Duo SyK, Zap70 
ARG30016 T / Tn Antigen Antibody Duo  T , Tn
ARG30163 T Cell Intercellular Adhesion Molecule Duo  CD226, PVR
ARG30001 Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo  GFP, GAPDH
ARG30002 Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo  His tag, GAPDH
ARG30003 Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo  DDDK tag, beta Actin
ARG30061 Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo  dsRed, GAPDH
ARG30062 Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo  YFP, GAPDH
ARG30056 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ELISA Antibody Duo TSH [TSH-1], [TSH-2] (HRP)
ARG30015 Tn Antigen Antibody Duo  sTn, Tn
ARG30069 TNF alpha ELISA Antibody Duo TNF alpha [CH8820], [B1E4] (HRP)
ARG30200 Transferrin ELISA Duo Transferrin receptor
ARG30252 Dengue virus NS1 ELISA Antibody Duo NS1 [SQab1502], [SQab1503] (Biotin)
ARG30254 Phospho NFkB p65 Antibody Duo Total, pT435
ARG30260 Kininogen ELISA Antibody Duo capture, detection (HRP)
ARG30262 PP2A alpha/beta and loading control Antibody Duo PP2A, Vinculin
ARG30263 Mitochondrial fission Antibody Duo  Drp1, BAX
ARG30264 Phospho ERK1 + ERK2 Antibody Duo  Total, pT202/Y204
ARG30265 AP-1 early response transcription factor Antibody Duo c-Jun, c-Fos
ARG30267 Organelle Marker, Cytoplasm, Nucleus Antibody Duo Histone, GAPDH
ARG30268 Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo  Bcl2, Bax
ARG30269 Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo  Bcl2, Bid
ARG30272 Phospho p38 MAPK Antibody Duo Total, pThr180/Tyr182
ARG30273 LC3A and LC3B Antibody Duo LC3A, LC3B
ARG30274 SOD1 and SOD2 Antibody Duo SOD1, SOD2
ARG30277 Zika virus NS1 ELISA Duo NS1 [SQab1609], [SQab1610] (Biotin)
ARG30278 BNP ELISA Antibody Duo BNP [24C5], [50E1]
ARG30279 IGFBP4 ELISA Antibody Duo IGFBP4 [IBP3], [IBP163]
ARG30280 IGFBP4 ELISA Antibody Duo IGFBP4 [IBP180], [IBP182]
ARG30281 PLA2G7 / Lp-PLA2 ELISA Antibody Duo PLA2G7 / Lp-PLA2 [PL42cc], [PL46cc]
ARG30282 Cystatin C ELISA Antibody Duo CST3 / Cystatin C [Cyst13], [Cyst24]
ARG30283 RBP4 ELISA Antibody Duo RBP4 [RB42], [RB48]
ARG30284 TIM1 / KIM1 ELISA Antibody Duo TIM1 / KIM1 [KIM70], [KIM75]
ARG30285 Adiponectin ELISA Antibody Duo Adiponectin [Adn63], [Adn94]
ARG30286 Transferrin ELISA Antibody Duo Transferrin [2A2], [1C10]
ARG30287 Influenza A Haemagglutinin H7 ELISA Antibody Duo Haemagglutinin H7 [InA331], [InA334]
ARG30289 TSH / Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ELISA Antibody Duo TSH [1CT1], [11E4cc]
ARG30290 Osteocalcin ELISA Antibody Duo Osteocalcin [2H9], [6F9]
ARG30291 serum Amyloid A ELISA Antibody Duo serum Amyloid A [SAA19], [VSA34]
ARG30293 Smooth Muscle Marker alpha smooth muscle Actin, SM22 alpha/Transgelin 
ARG30294 Phospho SAPK / JNK Antibody Duo  Total, pT183/Y185
ARG30295 VEGF ELISA Antibody Duo VEGF [4B2-8], total (Biotin)
ARG30300 Endothelial Cell Marker Antibody Duo  CD31, CD34
ARG30301 Neurite Marker Antibody Duo MAP2, beta III Tubulin
ARG30302 T-cell infiltration Antibody Duo CD3, CD4
ARG30303 Nucleolar Marker Antibody Duo Fibrillarin, NPM1 / Nucleophosmin
ARG30304 Astrocyte Maturation / Muller Cell Marker Antibody Duo GFAP, Vimentin
ARG30305 Epithelial Marker Antibody Duo  Muc-1, EpCAM
ARG30311 Circulating Tumor Cells Biomarker Antibody Duo  EpCAM, HER2
ARG30312 DNA Mismatch Repair System Antibody Duo  MSH2, MSH6
ARG30315 Brain Injury IHC Marker Antibody Duo  GFAP, MMP9
ARG30316 ER Marker Antibody Duo Calreticulin, BiP / GRP78
ARG30317 Activated Macrophage / Microglia Marker Antibody Duo CD68, AIF1 / Iba 1
ARG30318 CK7 / CK20 Carcinoma Antibody Duo Cytokeratin 7, Cytokeratin 20
ARG30319 Carcinoma / Sarcoma Antibody Duo Cytokeratin (pan), Vimentin [SQab1859]
ARG30322 CAF Marker Antibody Duo Vimentin, alpha smooth muscle Actin
ARG30335 Mouse MDSC Marker Antibody Duo CD11b, Ly6G+Ly6C 
ARG30336 Human MDSC Marker Antibody Duo CD11b, CD33
ARG30339 STAT1 / Phospho STAT1 (pY701) Antibody Duo STAT1, Phospho STAT1 (pY701)
ARG30341 Heterochromatin Foci Antibody Duo Histone H3 dimethyl (Lys9), CBX3 / HP1 gamma 



Cat. No Antibody Panel Kit Antibody
ARG30182 AMPK-ACC pathway Antibody Panel AMPK a1/AMPK a2, AMPK alpha phospho (Thr183/Thr172), Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase phospho (Ser79)
ARG30142 Cardiomyocyte Cell Surface Marker Antibody Panel  Cx43, Desmin, SIRP
ARG30139 Cell Cycle Marker Antibody Panel  Cyclin B1[V152], Cyclin E1, Histone H3 phospho (Ser10)
ARG30162 Cytotoxic T Cell Surface Marker Antibody Panel  CD8, CD28, CD45, CD54
ARG30209 Fluorescent-Tags Antibody Panel GFP, RFP, YFP 
ARG30151 Glucose uptake: Insulin Receptor Dependent Pathway Antibody Panel  GLUT4, AKT (pS473), IRS1 (pS636)
ARG30145 Intermediate Neurofilament Antibody Panel  NF-L, NF-M,NF-H
ARG30110 Mitochondria/Caspase dependant Apoptosis Antibody Panel  Caspase3, Caspase9, Cytochrome c, PARP
ARG30205 NF-kB Activation Antibody Panel IKK beta (Tyr199), IkB alpha, P38 MAPK phospho (Thr180/Tyr182), JNK1/JNK2/JNK3 phospho (Thr183/Tyr185), IKB alpha phospho (Ser32/Ser36)
ARG30251 NFkB nuclear translocation Antibody Panel GAPDH, Histone H3, NFkB p105/p50, NFkB p65
ARG30227 Phospho ATF2 Antibody Panel  Total, pT69, pT71
ARG30226 Phospho c-Jun Antibody Panel  Total, pT91, pT93
ARG30230 Phospho Integrin beta 3 Antibody Panel  Total, pY773, pY785
ARG30211 Phospho Tau Antibody Panel  Total, pS396, pS404
ARG30212 Phospho Tyrosine Hydroxylase Antibodu Panel  Total, pS31, pS40
ARG30144 phospho-beta catenin Antibody Panel  Total, pS33, pS37, pT41/pS45
ARG30126 Phospho-c-Myc Antibody Panel  Total, pT58, pS62
ARG30203 Phospho-FAK Antibody Panel Total, Tyr397, Tyr576 Tyr577, Tyr925
ARG30255 IKB alpha degradation Antibody Panel IKK alpha, IKK beta, IKB alpha
ARG30258 Loading Controls for Whole Cell Lysate Antibody Panel Vinculin, alpha Tubulin, beta Actin, GAPDH
ARG30259 Loading Controls for Cytoplasmic / Nuclear Fractions Antibody Panel COX-4, Histone H3, GAPDH
ARG30132 Phospho-GluR1 Antibody Panel GluR1, Ser845, Ser831
ARG30155 Phospho-Smad1 for Activation/Inhibition site Antibody Panel Smad1, Ser206, Ser465
ARG30170 Phospho-Src Antibody Panel Src, (Tyr418), (Tyr529)
ARG30131 Postsynaptic Receptor Antibody Panel  NDMAR2A, NMDAR2B, GluR1
ARG30169 Src Family Protein Tyrosine Kinases Antibody Panel Src, Csk, Fyn, Lyn, Lck
ARG30270 Loading Control Antibody Panel  Actin, beta Tublin, Histone H3, GAPDH
ARG30271 Mitochondrial Marker Antibody Panel  Cytochrome C, COX4, HSP60
ARG30275 Pro-apoptotic Bcl2 protein Antibody Panel  BAX, BAK, Bid
ARG30276 Cytochrome-C fractionation Antibody Panel  Cytochrome-C, COX IV, beta Actin
ARG30308 Immature B Cell Marker Antibody Panel  CD19, CD20, CD22, IgM Fc
ARG30309 Polycomb Complexes Antibody Panel H3K27me3, EZH2, Ring1A, RNF2
ARG30310 Endosome, Lysosome, Peroxisome Marker Antibody Panel  Catalase, Caveolin1, Clathrin heavy chain, LAMP1
ARG30313 General Lymphocyte Marker Antibody Panel  CD3, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD56
ARG30314 Chondrogenesis Marker Antibody Panel CDKN2A / p16INK4a, CD44, FOXC1, FOXC2
ARG30320 EMT Marker Antibody Panel N Cadherin, E Cadherin, Vimentin, GAPDH
ARG30321 Autophagy Antibody Panel SQSTM1 / p62, LC3B, Beclin 1, GAPDH
ARG30323 Inflammation Antibody Panel NFkB p65 phospho (Ser536), COX2, iNOS, beta Actin
ARG30324 Neuroinflammation Antibody Panel CD68, AIF1 / Iba 1, GFAP
ARG30325 Inflammatory Cell Antibody Panel MPO / Myeloperoxidase, CD3, CD20, CD68
ARG30326 Inflammatory Cell Antibody Panel (for mouse) Ly6G + Ly6C, EMR1 F4/80, CD3, CD45R / B220
ARG30327 Microvascular Density Antibody Panel CD31, Desmin, Ki-67, alpha smooth muscle Actin
ARG30328 Angiogenesis Antibody Panel Collagen IV, CD34, NG2 / Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 4, alpha smooth muscle Actin
ARG30330 Pyroptosis Antibody Panel GSDMD, Caspase 1, beta Tubulin, IL1 beta
ARG30331 NLRP3 Inflammasome Antibody Panel GAPDH, NALP3 / Cryopyrin, Caspase 1, ASC / TMS1
ARG30332 NLRC4 Inflammasome Antibody Panel GAPDH, Caspase 1, NLRC4 / CARD12, ASC / TMS1
ARG30333 M1/M2/TAM Marker Antibody Panel CD68, CD206 / MMR, iNOS, CD163
ARG30334 Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocyte Antibody Panel CD3, CD4, CD8, CD20
ARG30337 Ferroptosis / Oxytosis Antibody Panel 4 Hydroxynonenal, 4-HNE, GPX4, SLC7A11 / xCT
ARG30338 Multiplex Secondary Antibody Panel IgG (HRP),  IgY (H+L) (HRP), IgG (H+L) (HRP)
ARG30340 Senescence Marker Antibody Panel CDKN2A / p16INK4a, Rb1 / Retinoblastoma protein phospho (Ser807), p21, p53
ARG30342 Neuroendocrine Tumor IHC Antibody Panel Ki-67, Chromogranin A, Synaptophysin, CD56
ARG30343 GSDME-mediated Pyroptosis Antibody Panel GSDME / DFNA5, Caspase 3, HMGB1
ARG30344 Necrosome Antibody Panel RIPK1 / RIP1, RIPK3 / RIP3, MLKL

ֹ(Ordering Information)
ARG30317Activated Macrophage/Microglia Marker Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30285Adiponectin ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30065Alpha Fetoprotein ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30234anti-IFN gamma ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30265AP-1 early response transcription factor Antibody Duo (c-JUN, c-FOS)1pair
ARG30268Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo (Bcl2, Bax)1pair
ARG30269Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo (Bcl2, Bid)1pair
ARG30105Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo (Caspase3, PARP)1pair
ARG30007Astrocyte Marker Antibody Duo (Host: Goat, Rabbit)1pair
ARG30304Astrocyte Maturation / Muller Cell Marker Antibody Duo (GFAP, Vimentin)1pair
ARG30078Beta 2 Microglobulin ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30064Beta amyloid peptide 40 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30063Beta amyloid peptide 42 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30278BNP ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30315Brain Injury IHC Marker Antibody Duo (GFAP, MMP9)1pair
ARG30194C Reactive Protein ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30192C Reactive Protein ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30066Carcinoembryonic Antigen ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30319Carcinoma/Sarcoma Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30246CARM1 mediated histone arginine methylation Antibody Duo (H3R17me2a, H3R26me2a)1pair
ARG30311Circulating Tumor Cells Biomarker Antibody Duo (EpCAM, HER2)1pair
ARG30318CK7/CK20 Carcinoma Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30013Colorectal Carcinoma Marker Antibody Duo (Colorectal carcinoma antibody, PKM2)1pair
ARG30079CRP ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30282Cystatin C ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30195D-Dimer ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30252Dengue virus NS1 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30312DNA Mismatch Repair System Antibody Duo (MSH2, MSH6)1pair
ARG30073EGF ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30300Endothelial Cell Marker Antibody Duo (CD31, CD34)1pair
ARG30305Epithelial Marker Antibody Duo (Muc-1, EpCAM)1pair
ARG30316ER Marker Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30060Follicle Stimulating Hormone ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30067Free Prostate Specific Antigen ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30076GM-CSF ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30196H-FABP ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30093Hippocampal Neurogenesis Marker Antibody Duo (Prox1, Dcx)1pair
ARG30191HPV18 E7 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30059Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30055Human Growth Hormone ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30053Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1) p24 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30336Human MDSC Marker Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30279IGFBP4 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30280IGFBP4 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30075IL16 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30070IL8 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30287Influenza A Haemagglutinin H7 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30260Kininogen ELISA Duo1pair
ARG30261Lactate dehydrogenase Antibody Duo (LDHA,LDHB)1pair
ARG30273LC3A and LC3B Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30281Lp-PLA2 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30058Luteinizing Hormone ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30127Lymphocyte Marker Antibody Duo (CD3, CD19)(IHC/ICC)1pair
ARG30071MCP1 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30074MCP3 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30106Mitochondria/Caspase Dependant Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo (Caspase9, Cytochrome c)1pair
ARG30263Mitochondrial fission Antobody Duo (Drp1, BAX)1pair
ARG30335Mouse MDSC Marker Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30197MPO ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30146Neural Stem / Progenitor Cell Marker Antibody Duo (Nestin, Vimentin)1pair
ARG30301Neurite Marker Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30011Neurofilament Antibody Duo (NF-H, NF-L)1pair
ARG30083Neuron Development Marker Antibody Duo (Nestin, Tau)1pair
ARG30008Neuron Development Marker Antibody Duo (Nestin, Tuj1)1pair
ARG30010Neuronal Cytoskeletal Antibody Duo (NF-L, TUBBIII)1pair
ARG30181NRF-2 Nuclear Localization Antibody Duo (NRF2, Lamin B1)1pair
ARG30006NSC and Astrocyte Marker Antibody Duo (GFAP, Nestin)1pair
ARG30009NSC and Neuron Marker Antibody Duo (Nestin, MAP2)1pair
ARG30303Nucleolar Marker Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30267Organelle Marker, Cytoplasm, Nucleus Antibody Duo (Histone, GAPDH)1pair
ARG30290Osteocalcin ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30198PAPP A ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30233Phospho BCL-XL Antibody Duo (Total, pS62)1pair
ARG30225Phospho c-Jun Antibody Duo (Total, pS73)1pair
ARG30238Phospho EGFR Antibody Duo (Total, pY992)1pair
ARG30231Phospho Ezrin Antibody Duo (Total, pT567)1pair
ARG30237Phospho HER2 Antibody Duo (Total, pY877)1pair
ARG30240Phospho IGF-1R Antibody Duo (Total, pY1161)1pair
ARG30216Phospho MARCKS Antibody Duo for Rat (Total, pS152/156)1pair
ARG30213Phospho p53 Antibody Duo (Total, pS15)1pair
ARG30219Phospho PDK1 Antibody Duo (Total, pS241)1pair
ARG30220Phospho Raf1 Antibody Duo (Total, pS259)1pair
ARG30214Phospho STAT5A Antibody Duo (Total, pY694)1pair
ARG30038Phospho-AKT Antibody Duo (pS473 pT308)1pair
ARG30266Phospho-Alpha Synuclein Antibody Duo (Total, pS129)1pair
ARG30094Phospho-Beclin Antibody Duo (pS234, pS295)1pair
ARG30125Phospho-c-Myc Antibody Duo (Total, pS62)1pair
ARG30124Phospho-c-Myc Antibody Duo (Total, pT58)1pair
ARG30157Phospho-CaMKII Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30035Phospho-CD54 / ICAM1 Antibody Duo (Total, pY512)1pair
ARG30024Phospho-CREB (pS133)/ Phospho-beta Catenin (pS37) Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30098Phospho-CREB Antibody Duo (Total, pS133)1pair
ARG30102Phospho-Dopamine Transporter / DAT Antibody Duo (Total, pT53)1pair
ARG30101Phospho-Dynamin Antibody Duo (Total, pS774)1pair
ARG30247Phospho-eNOS Antibody Duo (Total, pY1177)1pair
ARG30264Phospho-ERK1/2 MAPK Antibody Duo (Total, pT202/Y204)1pair
ARG30025Phospho-FAK Antibody Duo (pY576/577, pY925)1pair
ARG30171Phospho-FKHR/FOXO1 Antibody Duo (Total, pS256)1pair
ARG30034Phospho-Her2 Antibody Duo (Total, pY1221/1222)1pair
ARG30037Phospho-IKB alpha Antibody Duo (Total, pS32/36)1pair
ARG30042Phospho-IRS-1 (pS307)/ Phospho-PKC theta (pS695) Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30040Phospho-IRS-1 Antibody Duo (pS636, pS307)1pair
ARG30041Phospho-IRS-1 Antibody Duo (Total, pS636)1pair
ARG30294Phospho-JNK Antibody Duo (Total, pT183/Y185)1pair
ARG30207Phospho-JunB Antibody Duo (Total, pSer259)1pair
ARG30052Phospho-mTOR Antibody Duo (Total, pS2448)1pair
ARG30012Phospho-Myc Antibody Duo (pS62, pS58)1pair
ARG30248Phospho-NFkB Antibody Duo (Total, pS536)1pair
ARG30254Phospho-NFkB p65 Antibody Duo (Total, pT435)1pair
ARG30272Phospho-p38 MAPK Ab Duo (Total, pThr180/Tyr182)1pair
ARG30032Phospho-p53 Antibody Duo (pS33, pS46)1pair
ARG30202Phospho-p70 S6 Kinase Antibody Duo (Total, pS411)1pair
ARG30014Phospho-PKM2 Antibody Duo (Total, pS37)1pair
ARG30046Phospho-RB Antibody Duo (Total, pS807)1pair
ARG30043Phospho-ZAP70 Antibody Duo (pY319, pY493)1pair
ARG30033Phospho-ZAP70 Antibody Duo (Total, pY319)1pair
ARG30262PP2A alpha/beta and loading control Antibody Duo (PP2A, Vinculin)1pair
ARG30057Prolactin ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30068Prostate Specific Antigen ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30283RBP4 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30086Regulatory T cells Marker Antibody Duo (FoxP3, CD4)1pair
ARG30291serum Amyloid A ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30077serum Amyloid A ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30051Smooth Muscle Marker Antibody Duo (Desmin, SMA)1pair
ARG30274SOD1 and SOD2 Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30154Suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN) Marker Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30049SyK / Zap70 Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30016T / Tn Antigen Antibody Duo (T , Tn)1pair
ARG30163T Cell Intercellular Adhesion Molecule Duo (CD226, PVR)1pair
ARG30302T-cell infiltration Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30003Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo (DDDK tag, beta Actin)1pair
ARG30061Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo (dsRed, GAPDH)1pair
ARG30001Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo (GFP, GAPDH)1pair
ARG30002Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo (His tag, GAPDH)1pair
ARG30062Tag Internal Control Antibody Duo (YFP, GAPDH)1pair
ARG30289Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30056Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30284TIM-1 / KIM-1 ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30015Tn Antigen Antibody Duo (sTn, Tn)1pair
ARG30069TNF alpha ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30286Transferrin ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30200Transferrin Receptor ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30322Tumor Marker Study Antibody Duo (SMA, Vimentin)1pair
ARG30295VEGF ELISA Antibody Duo1pair
ARG30277Zika virus NS1 ELISA Duo1pair