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 제품안내  분석 제작 서비스   Compound Service

Compound Screening Service

세포골격에 관여하는 다양한 Inhibitor의 screening 서비스입니다.

제품 문의하기

  • 세포골격 단백질의 다양한 inhibitor 개발을 위한 Compound screening service입니다.
    • tubulin inhibitors, microtubule inhibitors, myosin inhibitors and the sarcomere inhibitors, kinesin inhibitors, small G-protein inhibitors
  • 프로젝트 완료때 까지 주기적으로 다양한 보고서가 함께 제공됩니다.
    • Executive Summary, General introduction, Methods, Results, Data analysis
Name of targetType of assayAssay FormatTimeline(WKS)
Kinesin or dynein motor Microtubule stimulated kinesin ATPase assay 96 well plate with eleven motors to choose from, consisting of 40 duplicate single concentrations (or 5 x IC50s), plus eight control wells. Absorbance at 360 or 650 nm, or fluorescence at 360 nm / 450 nm. 2
Tubulin polymerization Tubulin (>99% pure) Polymerization Assay 96 well plate using porcine brain tubulin, consisting of 40 duplicate single concentrations or 5 x IC50 determinations, plus eight control wells. Absorbance at 340 nm or fluorescence at 360 nm / 410 2
GEF or GAP assay Small G-protein Exchange or Activating Assay 96 well format, multiple GEFs and GAPs to choose from, consisting of either 28 duplicate reactions plus 4 controls, or 5 x IC50s plus 1 x control IC50. GAP assay is absorbance at 650 nm, GEF assay is fluor 2
  • In Vitro and In Vivo Anticancer Activities of Synthetic Macrocyclic Ketone Analogues of Halichondrin B1. CANCER RESEARCH 61, 1013–1021, February 1, 2001. Murray J. Towle, Kathleen A. Salvato, Jacqueline Budrow, Bruce F. Wels, Galina Kuznetsov, Kimberley K. Aalfs, Susan Welsh, Wanjun Zheng, Boris M. Seletsky, Monica H. Palme, Gregory J. Habgood, Lori A. Singer, Lucian V. DiPietro, Yuan Wang, Jack J. Chen, David A. Quincy, Ashley Davis, Kentaro Yoshimatsu, Yoshito Kishi, Melvin J. Yu, and Bruce A. Littlefield2 (2001).
  • The herbicide flamprop-M-methyl has a new antimicrotubule mechanism of action. Stefan Tresch, Ricarda Niggeweg and Klaus Grossmann. Pest Manag Sci 64:1195–1203 (2008).