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Actin protein

Cytoskeleton 연구를 위한 고순도의 Actin과 Actin-binding protein입니다.

제품 문의하기

Figure 1. Post-translational modifications (PTMs) affect actin activity differentially. Arginylation promotes polymerization while glutathionylation decreases it. Phosphorylation can either increase or decrease actin polymerization, depending on the residue modified. Phosphorylation also affects actin binding.
종류 및 특성
  • Unlabeled Actin Protein
    Figure 2. 100 ug of >99% pure (AKL99) and >95% pure (AKL95) rabbit skeletal muscle actin were run on SDS-PAGE gels and stained with Coomassie Blue.
    • 다양한 Source의 actin protein이 제공됩니다.
      • Rabbit skeletal muscle, bovine cardiac muscle, chicken gizzard muscle, human platelet (non-muscle), pre-formed actin filaments (PAFs)
    • 고순도의 제품입니다. (>99%, >95%)
    • 적용분야
      • Muscle actin binding protein의 Identification 과 Characterization 연구
      • In vitro actin polymerization 연구
    • 종류
      • Actin protein (>99% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle
      • Actin protein (>95% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle
      • Actin protein (>99% pure): bovine cardiac muscle
      • Actin protein (>99% pure): chicken gizzard muscle
      • Actin protein (>99% pure): human platelet, non-muscle
      • Actin protein (pre-formed filaments): rabbit skeletal muscle
  • Labeld Actin
    • 고순도의 제품입니다. (>99%)
    • Biotin, pyrene, rhodamine 3가지의 형태로 제공됩니다.
    • 적용분야
      • In vivo/ in vitro actin polymerization 연구 (microinjection into muscle cells)
      • F-actin and muscle myosins를 이용한 in vivo/ in vitro motility 연구
    • 종류
      • Actin protein (biotin): skeletal muscle
      • Actin protein (pyrene labeled): rabbit skeletal muscle
      • Actin protein (rhodamine): human platelet
      • Actin protein (rhodamine): rabbit skeletal muscle
  • Actin Bionding Protein
    • 다양한 Source의 actin binding protein이 제공됩니다.
      • Rabbit skeletal muscle, bovine brain, human, bovine cardiac muscle
    • 다양한 purity로 제공됩니다. (>95%, >90%, >70%)
    • 적용분야
      • Actin binding assays 및 polymerization연구 및 positive control
      • Actin protein 에 의해 활성화 된 F-actin의 측정
      • Actin binding proteins (ABP’s)의 영향 및 효과 확인
      • Actin protein 과 F-actin, ATPase 활성과의 영향 및 효과를 미치는 단백질 연구
    • 종류
      • Arp2/3 protein complex: bovine brain
      • Cofilin 1 protein: human recombinant
      • Gelsolin protein: Homo sapiens recombinant
      • Myosin protein: bovine cardiac muscle
      • Heavy meromyosin protein
      • Myosin II protein: rabbit skeletal muscle
      • Profilin 1 protein: His tagged: human
      • WASP protein VCA domain: GST tagged: human
    Figure 3. Actin polymerization stimulated by Arp2/3 and the WASP VCA domain. Kit BK003 was used to study the effects of Arp2/3 (Cat. # RP01) and the WASP VCA (Cat. # VCG03) domain on actin polymerization in vitro.
주문정보(Ordering Information)
AKL95-BActin protein (>95% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle1 x 1 mg
AKL95-CActin protein (>95% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle5 x 1 mg
AKL95-DActin protein (>95% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle10 x 1mg
AKL95-EActin protein (>95% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle20 x 1mg
AD99-AActin protein (>99% pure): bovine cardiac muscle1 x 1mg
AD99-BActin protein (>99% pure): bovine cardiac muscle5 x 1mg
AS99-AActin protein (>99% pure): chicken gizzard muscle1 x 1mg
AS99-BActin protein (>99% pure): chicken gizzard muscle5 x 1mg
APHL99-AActin protein (>99% pure): human platelet2 x 250ug
APHL99-CActin protein (>99% pure): human platelet1 x 1mg
APHL99-BActin protein (>99% pure): human platelet, non-muscle1x1 mg
AKL99-AActin protein (>99% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle4 x 250ug
AKL99-BActin protein (>99% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle2 x 1mg
AKL99-CActin protein (>99% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle5 x 1mg
AKL99-DActin protein (>99% pure): rabbit skeletal muscle10 x 1mg
AB07-AActin protein (biotin): skeletal muscle5 x 20ug
AB07-AActin protein (biotin): skeletal muscle20x20 ug
AD99-CActin protein (bovine cardiac muscle, >99% pure)20 x 1mg
AS99-CActin protein (chicken gizzard muscle, >99% pure)20 x 1mg
AKF99-BActin protein (pre-formed filaments): rabbit skeletal muscle5 x 1mg
AKF99-AActin protein (pre-formed filaments): rabbit skeletal muscle1 x 1mg
AP05-AActin protein (pyrene labeled): rabbit skeletal muscle1 x 1mg
AP05-BActin protein (pyrene labeled): rabbit skeletal muscle5 x 1mg
AKL99-EActin protein (rabbit skeletal muscle, >99% pure)20 x 1mg
APHR-AActin protein (rhodamine): human platelet4 x 10ug
APHR-CActin protein (rhodamine): human platelet20 x 10ug
AR05-BActin protein (rhodamine): rabbit skeletal muscle10 x 20ug
AR05-CActin protein (rhodamine): rabbit skeletal muscle20 x 20ug
AT01-AAlpha-actinin protein: rabbit skeletal muscle2 x 50ug
AT01-CAlpha-actinin protein: rabbit skeletal muscle10 x 50ug
RP01-AArp2/3 protein complex: bovine brain2 x 50ug
RP01-BArp2/3 protein complex: bovine brain6 x 50ug
CF01-ACofilin 1 protein: human recombinant1 x 100ug
CF01-CCofilin 1 protein: human recombinant4 x 100ug
HPG6-AGelsolin protein: Homo sapiens recombinant4 x 20 ug
HPG6-BGelsolin protein: Homo sapiens recombinant20 x 20 ug
MH01-AHeavy meromyosin protein4 x 50ug
MH01-BHeavy meromyosin protein20 x 50ug
MY03-BMyosin Cardiac Muscle5 x 1mg
MY03-AMyosin Cardiac Muscle1 x 1mg
MY02-AMyosin Skeletal Muscle5 x 1mg
MY02-BMyosin Skeletal Muscle20 x 1mg
AKF99-CPre-formed actin filaments (rabbit skeletal muscle)20 x 1mg
PR01-AProfilin 1 protein: His tagged: human1 x 50ug
PR01-CProfilin 1 protein: His tagged: human4 x 50ug
VCG03-AWASP protein VCA domain: GST tagged: human1 x 500ug
VCG03-BWASP protein VCA domain: GST tagged: human5 x 500ug