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QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Titer & Quantitation Kits

Lentivirus associated HIV-1 p24 core protein 또는 FIV의 농도를 정량하는 Kit 제품 입니다.

Cell Biolabs
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  • Colorimetric 또는 Fluorescence 측정 방법을 이용하여 빠르고 간편하게 lentivirus의 농도를 측정합니다.
  • Lentiviral packaging시 발생할 수 있는 Lentiviral virus titer의 추정오차를 최소화할 수 있습니다.
Selection Guide for QuickTiter™ Quantitation & Titer Kits
 QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Titer Kit
(Lentivirus-Associated p24 ELISA)
QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Quantitation Kits
(Traditional p24 ELISA)
QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Quantitation Kit
Assay Principle p24 ELISA with proprietary technology to separate free p24 from viral p24 p24 ELISA Measures nucleic acid content
Suitable Viruses Recombinant HIV-1 Recombinant or native HIV-1 or FIV HIV-1, FIV, SIV
Detection Method Colorimetric (ELISA) Colorimetric (ELISA) Fluorescence
Key Benefit Accuracy Most Published Speed (45-60 min)
Frigure 1. ViraBind™ Lentivirus Reagents Successfully Separate Free p24 from Lentivirus-Associated p24. Recombinant p24 diluted in culture medium was treated with ViraBind™ Lentivirus Reagents. The amount of p24 in the supernatant and pellet was measured according to the assay protocol.
Figure 2. Quantitation of GFP Lentiviral Supernatant with the QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Quantitation Kit (HIV p24 ELISA). A GFP lentiviral construct was cotransfected with a packaging mix into 293 cells. The p24 level of the diluted lentiviral supernatant (1:10 dilution) was determined as described in the assay protocol.