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CF™405M Dye

Pacific Blue® dye와 밝기는 비슷하지만 형광지속성이 더 뛰어난 blue 형광 dye입니다.

제품 문의하기

  • Pacific Blue® dye 보다 더 형광이 오랫동안 지속됩니다.
  • 450/50 blue channel 에서는 Pacific Blue와 비슷한 밝기를 나타내며, 525/50 green channel 에서는 적정 파장대를 지나는 현상(spillover)이 적습니다.
  • 물에 매우 잘 녹습니다.
  • Abs/Em Maxima: 408/452 nm
  • Extinction coefficient: 41,000
  • Molecular weight: 503
  • Flow cytometry laser line: 405 nm
  • Microscopy laser line: 405 nm
  • Direct replacement for: Pacific Blue® dye, BD
  • Horizon™ V450
    Figure 1. Absorption and emission spectra of CF™405M and Pacific Blue® dye conjugated to goat anti-mouse IgG in PBS.
    Figure 2. Jurkat cells were stained with intracellular CD3 followed by CF405M or Pacific Blue goat anti-mouse IgG conjugates. Fluorescence was analyzed on a BD LSR II flow cytometer equipped with a 405 violet laser and 450/50 nm emission detection. The bars represent the relative fluorescence of the geometric means of the population of cells. Background was determined by secondary antibody staining alone.
    Figure 3. Photostability of CF405M and Pacific Blue dyes. CF405M and Pacific Blue dye solutions at the same concentration were continuously exposed to a mercury arc lamp microscope with a DAPI filter set. Images were taken at every 5 seconds. Fluorescence intensity was normalized to t = 0.