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Kinase Proteins

Upstate, Millipore로부터 이어져온 Eurofins high quality kinase, phosphatase enzyme을 소개합니다.

Eurofins DiscoverX
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   Figure 1. Eurofins purified kinases give superior results compared to other commercial sources.


   A) Results from assays using wild-type B-Raf (Cat# 14-530) and the disease relevant mutant B-Raf
   V600E (Cat# 14-557) compared to another supplier. B) The specific activity of our enzymes, PAK1
   (Cat# 14- 927), JAK1 (Cat# 14-918), B-Raf and B-Raf V600E as described in (A) were compared to
   other suppliers (specific activity was normalized to that of the Eurofins enzymes). Catalytic kinase
   assays shown in (A) and (B) were run in identical conditions for the given kinase target.
   Incorporation of radiolabeled phosphate into a peptide substrate was measured after substrate
   capture on a filter membrane.

주문정보(Ordering Information)
14-956MA-Raf, active250 ug
14-956A-Raf, active10 ug
14-750Abl (H396P), active10 ug
14-750MAbl (H396P), active250 ug
14-757MAbl (M351T), active250 ug
14-757Abl (M351T), active10 ug
14-751MAbl (Q252H), active250 ug
14-751Abl (Q252H), active10 ug
14-522MAbl (T315I), active250 ug
14-522Abl (T315I), active10 ug
14-759Abl (Y253F), active10 ug
14-759MAbl (Y253F), active250 ug
14-529MAbl, active250 ug
14-529Abl, active10 ug
14-459MAbl, active, mouse250 ug
14-459Abl, active, mouse10 ug
14-756ACK1, active10 ug
14-756MACK1, active250 ug
14-453MAkt1/PKBα (δPH, S473D), active250 ug
14-453Akt1/PKBα (δPH, S473D), active10 ug
14-276Akt1/PKBα, active15 ug
14-276MAkt1/PKBα, active250 ug
14-279Akt1/PKBα, unactive50 ug
14-279MAkt1/PKBα, unactive250 ug
14-339MAkt2/PKBβ (δPH, S474D), active250 ug
14-339Akt2/PKBβ (δPH, S474D), active10 ug
14-502MAkt3/PKBγ (S472D), active250 ug
14-502Akt3/PKBγ (S472D), active10 ug
14-555MAlk, active250 ug
14-555Alk, active10 ug
14-954MALK1, active250 ug
14-954ALK1, active10 ug
14-937MALK2, active250 ug
14-937ALK2, active10 ug
14-614MALK4, active250 ug
14-614ALK4, active10 ug
14-941MALK6, active250 ug
14-941ALK6, active10 ug
14-840MAMPK (α1, β1, γ1), active250 ug
14-840AMPK (α1, β1, γ1), active10 ug
14-902MAMPK (α2, β1, γ1), active250 ug
14-902AMPK (α2, β1, γ1), active10 ug
14-521MArg, active250 ug
14-521Arg, active10 ug
14-460MArg, active250 ug
14-460Arg, active10 ug
14-661MARK5, active250 ug
14-661ARK5, active10 ug
14-606MASK1, active250 ug
14-606ASK1, active10 ug
14-933MATM, active250 ug
14-933ATM, active10 ug
14-953MATR/ATRIP, active250 ug
14-953ATR/ATRIP, active10 ug
14-511MAurora A, active250 ug
14-511Aurora A, active10 ug
14-835MAurora B, active250 ug
14-835Aurora B, active10 ug
14-911MAurora C, active250 ug
14-911Aurora C, active10 ug
14-512MAxl, active250 ug
14-512Axl, active10 ug
14-557MB-Raf (V599E), active250 ug
14-557B-Raf (V599E), active10 ug
14-530MB-Raf (δ1-415), active250 ug
14-530B-Raf (δ1-415), active10 ug
14-517MBlk, active250 ug
14-517Blk, active10 ug
14-316MBlk, active250 ug
14-316Blk, active10 ug
14-499MBmx, active250 ug
14-499Bmx, active10 ug
14-613MBrk, active250 ug
14-613Brk, active10 ug
14-675MBrSK1, active250 ug
14-675BrSK1, active10 ug
14-655MBrSK2, active250 ug
14-655BrSK2, active10 ug
14-773BTK (E41K), active10 ug
14-773MBTK (E41K), active250 ug
14-765BTK (R28H), active10 ug
14-765MBTK (R28H), active250 ug
14-552MBTK, active250 ug
14-552BTK, active10 ug
14-726c-Kit (D816H), active10 ug
14-726Mc-Kit (D816H), active250 ug
14-611Mc-Kit (D816V), active250 ug
14-611c-Kit (D816V), active10 ug
14-730Mc-Kit (V560G), active250 ug
14-730c-Kit (V560G), active10 ug
14-733Mc-Kit (V654A), active250 ug
14-733c-Kit (V654A), active10 ug
14-559Mc-Kit, active250 ug
14-559c-Kit, active10 ug
14-967MCaM Kinase I γ, active250 ug
14-967CaM Kinase I γ, active10 ug
14-663MCaM Kinase I, active250 ug
14-663CaM Kinase I, active10 ug
14-962MCaM Kinase IIα, active250 ug
14-962CaM Kinase IIα, active10 ug
14-718CaM Kinase IIβ, active10 ug
14-718MCaM Kinase IIβ, active250 ug
14-719CaM Kinase IIγ, active10 ug
14-719MCaM Kinase IIγ, active250 ug
14-723CaM Kinase IIδ, active10 ug
14-723MCaM Kinase IIδ, active250 ug
14-547MCaM Kinase IV, active250 ug
14-547CaM Kinase IV, active10 ug
14-731CaM Kinase Iδ, active20 ug
14-731MCaM Kinase Iδ, active250 ug
14-931MCaMKK2, active250 ug
14-931CaMKK2, active10 ug
14-711Casein Kinase 1γ1, active10 ug
14-711MCasein Kinase 1γ1, active250 ug
14-712Casein Kinase 1γ2, active10 ug
14-712MCasein Kinase 1γ2, active250 ug
14-713Casein Kinase 1γ3, active10 ug
14-713MCasein Kinase 1γ3, active250 ug
14-520MCasein Kinase 1δ (aa 1-294), active250 ug
14-520Casein Kinase 1δ (aa 1-294), active10 ug
14-197Casein Kinase 2, active10 ug
14-197MCasein Kinase 2, active250 ug
14-445MCasein Kinase 2α, active250 ug
14-445Casein Kinase 2α, active10 ug
14-689Casein Kinase 2α2, active10 ug
14-689MCasein Kinase 2α2, active250 ug
14-618MCD45250 ug
14-618CD4510 ug
16-025MCdc7/cyclin B1, active250 ug
16-025Cdc7/cyclin B1, active10 ug
14-450MCdk1/cyclin B, active250 ug
14-450Cdk1/cyclin B, active10 ug
14-448MCdk2/Cyclin A, active250 ug
14-448Cdk2/Cyclin A, active10 ug
14-475MCdk2/Cyclin E, active250 ug
14-475Cdk2/Cyclin E, active10 ug
14-487MCdk3/Cyclin E, active250 ug
14-487Cdk3/Cyclin E, active10 ug
14-957MCDK4/cyclin D3, active250 ug
14-957CDK4/cyclin D3, active10 ug
14-516MCdk5/p25, active250 ug
14-516Cdk5/p25, active10 ug
14-477MCdk5/p35, active250 ug
14-477Cdk5/p35, active10 ug
14-519MCdk6/Cyclin D3, active250 ug
14-519Cdk6/Cyclin D3, active10 ug
14-476MCdk7/Cyclin H/MAT1 (CAK complex), active250 ug
14-476Cdk7/Cyclin H/MAT1 (CAK complex), active10 ug
14-685Cdk9/Cyclin T1, active10 ug
14-685MCdk9/Cyclin T1, active250 ug
14-961MChaK1, active250 ug
14-961ChaK1, active10 ug
14-346MCHK1, active250 ug
14-346CHK1, active10 ug
14-740MCHK2 (hu,5-end, R145W)250 ug
14-740CHK2 (hu,5-end, R145W)10 ug
14-741MCHK2 (I157T), active250 ug
14-741CHK2 (I157T), active10 ug
14-347MCHK2, active250 ug
14-347CHK2, active10 ug
14-920MCLK1, active250 ug
14-920CLK1, active10 ug
14-774CLK2, active10 ug
14-774MCLK2, active250 ug
14-724CLK3, active10 ug
14-724MCLK3, active250 ug
14-917MCLK4, active250 ug
14-917CLK4, active10 ug
14-458MCSK, active250 ug
14-458CSK, active10 ug
14-692DAPK1, active10 ug
14-692MDAPK1, active250 ug
14-657MDAPK2, active250 ug
14-657DAPK2, active10 ug
14-986MDCAMKL1, active250 ug
14-986DCAMKL1, active10 ug
14-716DCAMKL2, active10 ug
14-716MDCAMKL2, active250 ug
14-943MDCAMKL3, active250 ug
14-943DCAMKL3, active10 ug
14-942MDDR1, active250 ug
14-942DDR1, active10 ug
14-579MDDR2, active250 ug
14-579DDR2, active10 ug
14-649MDMPK, active250 ug
14-649DMPK, active10 ug
14-950MDNA-PK, active250 ug
14-950DNA-PK, active10 ug
EPI017DNMT150 ug
EPI018DOT1L50 ug
14-668MDRAK1, active250 ug
14-668DRAK1, active10 ug
14-641DUSP2210 ug
14-641MDUSP22250 ug
14-951MDYRK1A, active250 ug
14-951DYRK1A, active10 ug
14-944MDYRK1B, active250 ug
14-944DYRK1B, active10 ug
14-669MDYRK2, active250 ug
14-669DYRK2, active10 ug
14-654MeEF-2K, active250 ug
14-654eEF-2K, active10 ug
14-626MEGFR (L858R), active250 ug
14-626EGFR (L858R), active10 ug
14-627MEGFR (L861Q), active250 ug
14-627EGFR (L861Q), active10 ug
14-725EGFR (T790M), active10 ug
14-725MEGFR (T790M), active250 ug
14-721EGFR (T790M, L858R), active10 ug
14-721MEGFR (T790M, L858R), active250 ug
14-531MEGFR, active250 ug
14-531EGFR, active10 ug
EPI020EHMT150 ug
14-653MEphA1, active250 ug
14-653EphA1, active10 ug
14-560MEphA2, active250 ug
14-560EphA2, active10 ug
14-644MEphA3, active250 ug
14-644EphA3, active10 ug
14-574MEphA4, active250 ug
14-574EphA4, active10 ug
14-639MEphA5, active250 ug
14-639EphA5, active10 ug
14-672MEphA7, active250 ug
14-672EphA7, active10 ug
14-673MEphA8, active250 ug
14-673EphA8, active10 ug
14-674MEphB1, active250 ug
14-674EphB1, active10 ug
14-553MEphB2, active250 ug
14-553EphB2, active10 ug
14-561MEphB3, active250 ug
14-561EphB3, active10 ug
14-554MEphB4, active250 ug
14-554EphB4, active10 ug
14-939MErbB2, active250 ug
14-939ErbB2, active10 ug
14-569MErbB4, active250 ug
14-569ErbB4, active10 ug
14-720MFAK, active250 ug
14-720FAK, active10 ug
14-605MFer, active250 ug
14-605Fer, active10 ug
14-473MFes/Fps, active250 ug
14-473Fes/Fps, active10 ug
14-734FGFR1 (V561M), active10 ug
14-734MFGFR1 (V561M), active250 ug
14-582MFGFR1, active250 ug
14-582FGFR1, active10 ug
14-742FGFR2 (N549H), active10 ug
14-742MFGFR2 (N549H), active250 ug
14-617MFGFR2, active250 ug
14-617FGFR2, active10 ug
14-464MFGFR3, active250 ug
14-464FGFR3, active10 ug
14-583MFGFR4, active250 ug
14-583FGFR4, active10 ug
14-568MFgr, active250 ug
14-568Fgr, active10 ug
14-610MFlt-3 (D835Y), active250 ug
14-610Flt-3 (D835Y), active10 ug
14-500MFlt-3, active250 ug
14-500Flt-3, active10 ug
14-681Flt-4, active10 ug
14-681MFlt-4, active250 ug
14-923MFlt1, active250 ug
14-923Flt1, active10 ug
14-820MFms (Y969C), active250 ug
14-820Fms (Y969C), active10 ug
14-551MFms, active250 ug
14-551Fms, active10 ug
14-441MFyn, active250 ug
14-441Fyn, active10 ug
EPI022G9a50 ug
14-743GCK, active10 ug
14-743MGCK, active250 ug
14-934MGCN2, active250 ug
14-934GCN2, active10 ug
14-935MGRK1, active250 ug
14-935GRK1, active10 ug
14-965MGRK2, active250 ug
14-965GRK2, active10 ug
14-714GRK5, active10 ug
14-714MGRK5, active250 ug
14-715GRK6, active10 ug
14-715MGRK6, active250 ug
14-752GRK7, active10 ug
14-752MGRK7, active250 ug
14-492MGSK3α, active250 ug
14-492GSK3α, active10 ug
14-306GSK3β, active10 ug
14-306MGSK3β, active250 ug
14-744Haspin, active10 ug
14-744MHaspin, active250 ug
EPI025HAT150 ug
14-843MHck, activated250 ug
14-843Hck, activated10 ug
14-577MHck, active250 ug
14-577Hck, active10 ug
14-593HePTP10 ug
14-593MHePTP250 ug
14-679MHIPK1, active250 ug
14-679HIPK1, active10 ug
14-623MHIPK2, active250 ug
14-623HIPK2, active10 ug
14-680MHIPK3, active250 ug
14-680HIPK3, active10 ug
EPI049hPHF850 ug
14-968MHPK1, active250 ug
14-968HPK1, active10 ug
16-013MHRI, active250 ug
16-013HRI, active10 ug
14-802MIGF-1R, activated250 ug
14-802IGF-1R, activated10 ug
14-465MIGF-IR (δ1-958), active250 ug
14-465IGF-IR (δ1-958), active20 ug
14-461MIKKα, active250 ug
14-461IKKα, active10 ug
14-485MIKKβ, active250 ug
14-485IKKβ, active10 ug
14-926MIKKε, active250 ug
14-926IKKε, active10 ug
14-803MInsulin Receptor, activated250 ug
14-803Insulin Receptor, activated10 ug
14-466MInsulin Receptor, active250 ug
14-466Insulin Receptor, active10 ug
14-684IRAK1, active10 ug
14-684MIRAK1, active250 ug
14-599MIRAK4, active250 ug
14-599IRAK4, active10 ug
14-930MIRE1, active250 ug
14-930IRE1, active10 ug
14-645MIRR, active250 ug
14-645IRR, active10 ug
14-660MItk, active250 ug
14-660Itk, active10 ug
14-918MJAK1, active250 ug
14-918JAK1, active10 ug
14-640MJAK2, active250 ug
14-640JAK2, active10 ug
14-629MJAK3, active250 ug
14-629JAK3, active10 ug
EPI029JMJD2A50 ug
EPI030JMJD2B50 ug
EPI031JMJD2C50 ug
EPI032JMJD2D50 ug
EPI033JMJD2E50 ug
EPI034JMJD350 ug
14-327MJNK1α1/SAPK1c, active250 ug
14-327JNK1α1/SAPK1c, active10 ug
14-328MJNK1α1/SAPK1c, unactive250 ug
14-328JNK1α1/SAPK1c, unactive50 ug
14-329MJNK2α2/SAPK1a, active250 ug
14-329JNK2α2/SAPK1a, active10 ug
14-330MJNK2α2/SAPK1a, unactive250 ug
14-330JNK2α2/SAPK1a, unactive50 ug
14-501MJNK3/SAPK1b, active250 ug
14-501JNK3/SAPK1b, active10 ug
14-523MJNK3/SAPK1b, unactive250 ug
14-523JNK3/SAPK1b, unactive50 ug
EPI024KAT2A (GCN5L2)50 ug
14-630MKDR, active250 ug
14-630KDR, active10 ug
14-946MGLambda PP, active1 mg
14-988MLATS1, active250 ug
14-988LATS1, active10 ug
14-987MLATS2, active250 ug
14-987LATS2, active10 ug
14-842MLck, activated250 ug
14-842Lck, activated10 ug
14-442MLck, active250 ug
14-442Lck, active10 ug
14-656MLIM Kinase 1, active250 ug
14-656LIM Kinase 1, active10 ug
14-659MLIM Kinase 1, unactive250 ug
14-659LIM Kinase 1, unactive50 ug
14-596MLKB1/STRADα/MO25α, active125 ug
14-596LKB1/STRADα/MO25α, active10 ug
14-619MLMPTP-A250 ug
14-619LMPTP-A10 ug
14-620MLMPTP-B250 ug
14-620LMPTP-B10 ug
14-686LOK, active10 ug
14-686MLOK, active250 ug
14-919MLRRK2, active250 ug
14-919LRRK2, active10 ug
14-958MLTK, active250 ug
14-958LTK, active10 ug
14-510MLyn, active250 ug
14-510Lyn, active10 ug
14-315MLyn, active, mouse250 ug
14-315Lyn, active, mouse10 ug
14-439MMAP Kinase 1/Erk1, active250 ug
14-439MAP Kinase 1/Erk1, active10 ug
14-515MMAP Kinase 1/Erk1, unactive250 ug
14-515MAP Kinase 1/Erk1, unactive50 ug
14-173MAP Kinase 2/Erk2, active10 ug
14-173MMAP Kinase 2/Erk2, active250 ug
14-550MMAP Kinase 2/Erk2, active250 ug
14-550MAP Kinase 2/Erk2, active10 ug
14-198MMAP Kinase 2/Erk2, unactive250 ug
14-198MAP Kinase 2/Erk2, unactive50 ug
14-536MAP Kinase 2/Erk2, unactive50 ug
14-536MMAP Kinase 2/Erk2, unactive hum250 ug
14-337MMAPKAP Kinase 2, active250 ug
14-337MAPKAP Kinase 2, active10 ug
14-349MMAPKAP Kinase 2, unactive250 ug
14-349MAPKAP Kinase 2, unactive50 ug
14-585MMAPKAP Kinase 3, active250 ug
14-585MAPKAP Kinase 3, active10 ug
14-586MMAPKAP Kinase 3, unactive250 ug
14-586MAPKAP Kinase 3, unactive50 ug
14-651MMARK1, active250 ug
14-651MARK1, active10 ug
14-429MMEK1, active250 ug
14-429MEK1, active10 ug
14-420MMEK1, unactive250 ug
14-420MEK1, unactive50 ug
14-528MMEK2, active250 ug
14-528MEK2, active10 ug
14-532MMEK2, unactive250 ug
14-532MEK2, unactive50 ug
14-963MMEKK2, active250 ug
14-963MEKK2, active10 ug
14-909MMELK, active250 ug
14-909MELK, active10 ug
14-728Mer, active10 ug
14-728MMer, active250 ug
14-915MMet (D1246H), active250 ug
14-915Met (D1246H), active10 ug
14-818MMet (D1246N), active250 ug
14-818Met (D1246N), active10 ug
14-817MMet (M1268T), active250 ug
14-817Met (M1268T), active10 ug
14-805MMet (Y1248C), active250 ug
14-805Met (Y1248C), active10 ug
14-816MMet (Y1248D), active250 ug
14-816Met (Y1248D), active10 ug
14-804Met (Y1248H), active10 ug
14-804MMet (Y1248H), active250 ug
14-526MMet, active250 ug
14-526Met, active10 ug
14-615MMINK, active250 ug
14-615MINK, active10 ug
14-377MMKK4/SKK1, active250 ug
14-377MKK4/SKK1, active10 ug
14-378MMKK4/SKK1, unactive250 ug
14-378MKK4/SKK1, unactive50 ug
14-537MMKK6/SKK3 (S599D, T603D), active250 ug
14-537MKK6/SKK3 (S599D, T603D), active10 ug
14-303MKK6/SKK3, active10 ug
14-303MMKK6/SKK3, active250 ug
14-304MMKK6/SKK3, unactive250 ug
14-304MKK6/SKK3, unactive50 ug
14-779MKP5, active10 ug
14-779MMKP5, active250 ug
14-638MMLCK, active250 ug
14-638MLCK, active10 ug
14-690MLK1, active10 ug
14-690MMLK1, active250 ug
14-964MMLK2, active250 ug
14-964MLK2, active10 ug
16-051MMLK4, active250 ug
16-051MLK4, active10 ug
14-664MMnk2, active250 ug
14-664Mnk2, active10 ug
14-960MMOK, active250 ug
14-960MOK, active10 ug
14-691MRCKα, active10 ug
14-691MMRCKα, active250 ug
14-643MMRCKβ, active250 ug
14-643MRCKβ, active10 ug
14-548MMSK1, active250 ug
14-548MSK1, active10 ug
14-438MMSK1, active (flag tag)250 ug
14-438MSK1, active (flag tag)10 ug
14-616MMSK2, active250 ug
14-616MSK2, active10 ug
14-625MMSK2, unactive250 ug
14-625MSK2, unactive50 ug
14-665MMSSK1, active250 ug
14-665MSSK1, active10 ug
14-624MMST1, active250 ug
14-624MST1, active10 ug
14-524MMST2, active250 ug
14-524MST2, active10 ug
14-695MST3, active10 ug
14-695MMST3, active250 ug
14-928MMST4, active250 ug
14-928MST4, active10 ug
14-770mTOR (1362-end), active10 ug
14-770MmTOR (1362-end), active100 ug
14-634MMuSK, active250 ug
14-634MuSK, active10 ug
14-966MMYLK2, active250 ug
14-966MYLK2, active10 ug
14-989MNDR1, active250 ug
14-989NDR1, active10 ug
14-700NEK11, active10 ug
14-700MNEK11, active250 ug
14-545MNEK2, active250 ug
14-545NEK2, active10 ug
14-694MNEK3, active250 ug
14-694NEK3, active10 ug
14-578MNEK6, active250 ug
14-578NEK6, active10 ug
14-565MNEK7, active250 ug
14-565NEK7, active10 ug
14-936MNEK9, active250 ug
14-936NEK9, active10 ug
14-945MNIM1, active250 ug
14-945NIM1, active10 ug
14-676MNLK, active250 ug
14-676NLK, active10 ug
EPI041NSD150 ug
15-005MNUAK2, active250 ug
15-005NUAK2, active10 ug
16-048MOSR1, active250 ug
16-048OSR1, active10 ug
14-687p38α/SAPK2a (T106M), active10 ug
14-687Mp38α/SAPK2a (T106M), active250 ug
14-251p38α/SAPK2a, active10 ug
14-251Mp38α/SAPK2a, active250 ug
14-252p38α/SAPK2a, unactive50 ug
14-252Mp38α/SAPK2a, unactive250 ug
14-253p38β2/SAPK2b2, active10 ug
14-253Mp38β2/SAPK2b2, active250 ug
14-244Mp38β2/SAPK2b2, unactive250 ug
14-244p38β2/SAPK2b2, unactive50 ug
14-246p38γ/SAPK3, active10 ug
14-246Mp38γ/SAPK3, active250 ug
14-249p38δ/SAPK4, active10 ug
14-249Mp38δ/SAPK4, active250 ug
14-952Mp53 (expressed in E.coli)250 ug
14-952p53 (expressed in E.coli)10 ug
14-486Mp70 S6 Kinase, active250 ug
14-486p70 S6 Kinase, active10 ug
14-927MPAK1, active250 ug
14-927PAK1, active10 ug
14-481MPAK2, active250 ug
14-481PAK2, active10 ug
14-683MPAK3, active250 ug
14-683PAK3, active10 ug
14-584MPAK4, active250 ug
14-584PAK4, active10 ug
14-699PAK5, active10 ug
14-699MPAK5, active250 ug
14-633MPAK6, active250 ug
14-633PAK6, active10 ug
14-544MPAR-1Bα, active250 ug
14-544PAR-1Bα, active10 ug
14-701PASK, active10 ug
14-701MPASK, active250 ug
14-735PDGFRα (550-end, V561D), active10 ug
14-735MPDGFRα (550-end, V561D), active250 ug
14-729MPDGFRα (550-end,D842V), active250 ug
14-729PDGFRα (550-end,D842V), active10 ug
14-467MPDGFRα, active250 ug
14-467PDGFRα, active50 ug
14-463MPDGFRβ, active250 ug
14-463PDGFRβ, active50 ug
14-452MPDK1, active250 ug
14-452PDK1, active10 ug
14-916MPEK, active250 ug
14-916PEK, active10 ug
14-698PhKγ2, active10 ug
14-698MPhKγ2, active250 ug
14-787PI3 Kinase (p110α (H1047R)/p85α) murine10 ug
14-787MPI3 Kinase (p110α (H1047R)/p85α) murine250 ug
14-782PI3 Kinase (p110α(E542K)/p85α)10 ug
14-782MPI3 Kinase (p110α(E542K)/p85α)250 ug
14-783PI3 Kinase (p110α(E545K)/p85α)10 ug
14-783MPI3 Kinase (p110α(E545K)/p85α)250 ug
14-781MPI3 Kinase (p110α(E545K)/p85α), murine250 ug
14-781PI3 Kinase (p110α(E545K)/p85α), murine10 ug
14-790PI3 Kinase (p110α/p65α)10 ug
14-790MPI3 Kinase (p110α/p65α)250 ug
14-786PI3 Kinase (p110α/p65α) murine10 ug
14-786MPI3 Kinase (p110α/p65α) murine250 ug
14-785PI3 Kinase (p110α/p85α) murine10 ug
14-785MPI3 Kinase (p110α/p85α) murine250 ug
14-602MPI3 Kinase (p110α/p85α), active250 ug
14-602PI3 Kinase (p110α/p85α), active20 ug
14-603PI3 Kinase (p110β/p85α), active20 ug
14-603MPI3 Kinase (p110β/p85α), active250 ug
14-788PI3 Kinase (p110β/p85β) murine10 ug
14-788MPI3 Kinase (p110β/p85β) murine250 ug
14-604MPI3 Kinase (p110δ/p85α), active250 ug
14-604PI3 Kinase (p110δ/p85α), active10 ug
14-558MPI3 Kinase (p120γ)250 ug
14-558PI3 Kinase (p120γ)20 ug
14-791PI3-Kinase (p110α(E542K)/p85α) murine10 ug
14-791MPI3-Kinase (p110α(E542K)/p85α) murine250 ug
14-792PI3-Kinase (p110α(H1047R)/p85α)10 ug
14-792MPI3-Kinase (p110α(H1047R)/p85α)250 ug
14-794MPI3-Kinase (p110β/p85α) murine250 ug
14-794PI3-Kinase (p110β/p85α) murine10 ug
14-789PI3-Kinase (p110δ/p85α) murine10 ug
14-789MPI3-Kinase (p110δ/p85α) murine250 ug
14-906MPI3K-C2α250 ug
14-906PI3K-C2α10 ug
14-907MPI3K-C2β250 ug
14-907PI3K-C2β10 ug
14-910MPI3K-C2γ250 ug
14-910PI3K-C2γ10 ug
14-908MPI4KIIIα250 ug
14-908PI4KIIIα10 ug
14-940MPIK3C3, active250 ug
14-940PIK3C3, active10 ug
14-738MPim-3, active250 ug
14-738Pim-3, active10 ug
14-573MPim1, active250 ug
14-573Pim1, active10 ug
14-607MPIM2, active250 ug
14-607PIM2, active25 ug
14-901MPIP4K2α, active250 ug
14-901PIP4K2α, active10 ug
14-844MPIP5K1α, active250 ug
14-844PIP5K1α, active10 ug
14-845MPIP5K1γ, active250 ug
14-845PIP5K1γ, active10 ug
14-440MPKA, catalytic subunit, recombinant250 ug
14-440PKA, catalytic subunit, recombinant10 ug
14-505MPKC iota, active250 ug
14-505PKC iota, active10 ug
14-525MPKC ζ, active250 ug
14-525PKC ζ, active10 ug
14-497MPKC η, active250 ug
14-497PKC η, active10 ug
14-444MPKC θ, active250 ug
14-444PKC θ, active10 ug
14-484MPKCα, active250 ug
14-484PKCα, active10 ug
14-503MPKCβI, active250 ug
14-503PKCβI, active10 ug
14-496MPKCβII, active250 ug
14-496PKCβII, active10 ug
14-483MPKCγ, active250 ug
14-483PKCγ, active10 ug
14-504MPKCδ, active250 ug
14-504PKCδ, active10 ug
14-518MPKCε, active250 ug
14-518PKCε, active10 ug
14-508MPKCμ, active250 ug
14-508PKCμ, active10 ug
14-506MPKD2, active250 ug
14-506PKD2, active10 ug
14-688MPKG1α, active250 ug
14-688PKG1α, active10 ug
14-650MPKG1β, active250 ug
14-650PKG1β, active10 ug
14-955MPKR, active250 ug
14-955PKR, active10 ug
14-777Plk1, active10 ug
14-777MPlk1, active250 ug
14-572PLK3, active10 ug
14-572MPLK3, active250 ug
14-595MPP1α250 ug
14-595PP1α10 ug
14-778PP5, active10 ug
14-778MPP5, active250 ug
14-334MPRAK, active250 ug
14-334PRAK, active15 ug
14-335MPRAK, unactive250 ug
14-335PRAK, unactive50 ug
14-549MPRK2, active 250 ug
14-549PRK2, active 10 ug
14-677MPRKX, active250 ug
14-677PRKX, active10 ug
EPI053PRMT150 ug
EPI054PRMT350 ug
14-693PTK5, active10 ug
14-693MPTK5, active250 ug
14-621MPTP-1B250 ug
14-621PTP-1B10 ug
14-642PTPMEG-110 ug
14-642MPTPMEG-1250 ug
14-592MPTPMEG-2250 ug
14-768PTPN22, active10 ug
14-768MPTPN22, active250 ug
14-948MPTPβ, active250 ug
14-948PTPβ, active10 ug
14-567MPyk2, active250 ug
14-567Pyk2, active10 ug
14-352MRaf-1 (truncated), active250 ug
14-352Raf-1 (truncated), active10 ug
14-758Ret (V804L), active10 ug
14-758MRet (V804L), active250 ug
14-760Ret (V804M), active10 ug
14-760MRet (V804M), active250 ug
14-570MRet, active250 ug
14-570Ret, active10 ug
14-612MRIPK2, active250 ug
14-612RIPK2, active10 ug
14-451MROKα/ROCK-II, active250 ug
14-451ROKα/ROCK-II, active10 ug
14-338MROKα/ROCK-II, active, rat250 ug
14-338ROKα/ROCK-II, active, rat10 ug
14-601MROKβ/ROCK-I, active250 ug
14-601ROKβ/ROCK-I, active10 ug
14-581MRon, active250 ug
14-581Ron, active10 ug
14-527MRos, active250 ug
14-527Ros, active10 ug
14-780RPTP, active10 ug
14-780MRPTP, active250 ug
14-535MRse, active250 ug
14-535Rse, active10 ug
14-509MRsk1/MAPKAP Kinase 1a, active250 ug
14-509Rsk1/MAPKAP Kinase 1a, active10 ug
14-479MRsk1/MAPKAP Kinase 1a, active250 ug
14-479Rsk1/MAPKAP Kinase 1a, active10 ug
14-480MRsk2/MAPKAP Kinase 1b, active250 ug
14-480Rsk2/MAPKAP Kinase 1b, active10 ug
14-462MRsk3, active250 ug
14-462Rsk3, active10 ug
14-702Rsk4, active10 ug
14-702MRsk4, active250 ug
14-250SAPK4, unactive10 ug
14-250MSAPK4, unactive250 ug
EPI055SETD250 ug
EPI056SETD750 ug
EPI057SETD850 ug
14-332MSGK1 (S422D), unactive250 ug
14-332SGK1 (S422D), unactive25 ug
14-331MSGK1 (δ1-59, S422D), active250 ug
14-331SGK1 (δ1-59, S422D), active6 ug
14-636SGK2-(hu,54-end,S416D), unactive50 ug
14-636MSGK2-(hu,54-end,S416D), unactive250 ug
14-647MSGK3, active250 ug
14-647SGK3, active10 ug
14-648MSGK3, unactive250 ug
14-648SGK3, unactive50 ug
14-591SHP-110 ug
14-591MSHP-1125 ug
14-622SHP-210 ug
14-622MSHP-2250 ug
14-652MSIK, active250 ug
14-652SIK, active10 ug
EPI059Sirtuin 150 ug
EPI060Sirtuin 250 ug
14-932MSNRK, active250 ug
14-932SNRK, active10 ug
14-746Src (1-530), active10 ug
14-746MSrc (1-530), active250 ug
14-748Src (T341M), active10 ug
14-748MSrc (T341M), active250 ug
14-326MSrc, active250 ug
14-326Src, active10 ug
14-564MSRPK1, active250 ug
14-564SRPK1, active10 ug
14-666MSRPK2, active250 ug
14-666SRPK2, active10 ug
14-929MSTK25, active250 ug
14-929STK25, active10 ug
16-011MSTK32A, active250 ug
16-011STK32A, active10 ug
14-671MSTK33, active250 ug
14-671STK33, active10 ug
16-049MSTK39, active250 ug
16-049STK39, active10 ug
EPI065SUV39H250 ug
EPI067SUV4-20H250 ug
14-314MSyk, active250 ug
14-314Syk, active10 ug
14-600MTAK1-TAB1 FUSION, active250 ug
14-600TAK1-TAB1 FUSION, active10 ug
14-749TAO1, active10 ug
14-749MTAO1, active250 ug
14-736TAO2, active10 ug
14-736MTAO2, active250 ug
14-745TAO3, active10 ug
14-745MTAO3, active250 ug
14-628MTBK1, active250 ug
14-628TBK1, active10 ug
14-646MTCPTP250 ug
14-646TCPTP10 ug
14-801MTec, activated250 ug
14-801Tec, activated10 ug
14-912MTGFBR-1, active250 ug
14-912TGFBR-1, active10 ug
14-763Tie2 (R849W), active10 ug
14-763MTie2 (R849W), active250 ug
14-766Tie2 (Y1108F), active10 ug
14-766MTie2 (Y1108F), active250 ug
14-764Tie2 (Y897S), active10 ug
14-764MTie2 (Y897S), active250 ug
14-540MTie2, active250 ug
14-540Tie2, active10 ug
14-938MTLK1, active250 ug
14-938TLK1, active10 ug
14-739MTLK2, active250 ug
14-739TLK2, active10 ug
14-767TMDP10 ug
14-767MTMDP250 ug
14-571MTrkA, active250 ug
14-571TrkA, active10 ug
14-507MTrkB, active250 ug
14-507TrkB, active10 ug
14-922MTrkC, active250 ug
14-922TrkC, active10 ug
14-670MTSSK1, active250 ug
14-670TSSK1, active10 ug
14-632MTSSK2, active250 ug
14-632TSSK2, active10 ug
14-761Txk, active10 ug
14-761MTxk, active250 ug
14-924MTYK2, active250 ug
14-924TYK2, active10 ug
14-959MULK1, active250 ug
14-959ULK1, active10 ug
14-772ULK2, active10 ug
14-772MULK2, active250 ug
14-755MULK3, active250 ug
14-755ULK3, active10 ug
14-594MVHR250 ug
14-594VHR10 ug
14-732VRK2, active10 ug
14-732MVRK2, active250 ug
14-925MWee1, active250 ug
14-925Wee1, active10 ug
EPI073WHSC1 (NSD2)50 ug
14-678MWNK2, active250 ug
14-678WNK2, active10 ug
14-658MWNK3, active250 ug
14-658WNK3, active10 ug
14-478MYes, active250 ug
14-478Yes, active10 ug
14-590YopH, active10 ug
14-590MYopH, active250 ug
14-404MZAP-70, active250 ug
14-404ZAP-70, active20 ug
14-608MZIPK, active250 ug
14-608ZIPK, active10 ug