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Phospho Antibody Stripping Solution

membrane blot에서 항체를 떼어내는데 사용하는 용액으로, 이를 이용하여 동일한 blot에 대해 다양한 항체로 스터디 할수 있습니다.

chemiluminescence, radioactive iodine, 혹은 isotopes등을 이용한 western blot에 사용할수 있습니다.

Cell Biolabs
제품 문의하기

  • Western Blot후 blot에서 anti-phosphoprotein antibodies를 떼어내는데 사용합니다.
  • 동일한 blot을 사용함으로써 비용이 절감되며 다양한 항체에 대한 반응을 검토할수 있습니다.
  • anti-phosphoprotein antibodies stripping에 최적화 되어 있습니다.
  • membrane상에 부착된 항원의 손상을 주지않고, multiple stripping이 가능합니다.
  • Antibody stripping은 heating없이 실온에서 가능합니다.
  • 75X 농축으로 10ml 제공됩니다.
  • Freshly prepare enough 1X Phospho Antibody Stripping Solution in a vented chemical hood by diluting the 75X stock in dH2O, mix well.
  • Submerge the blot in the 1X Phospho Antibody Stripping Solution and incubate with gentle mixing for 90 to 120 minutes at room temperature. Ensure sufficient volume is used to completely cover the blot.
  • Wash twice with TBST.
  • Test for complete removal of the phospho-antibody by blotting with secondary antibody, followed by ECL detection.
  • After determining that the membrane is properly stripped, the blot is now ready for re-probing with same or different antibodies.
Figure 1. Multiple Stripping of 4G10 Phosphotyrosine Antibody. 15 μg of serum-stimulated COS-7
cell lysate was subject to 4G10 anti-phosphotyrosine western blot. The same blot was stripped with Phospho Antibody Stripping Solution and re-probed with either HRP-secondary conjugate alone (Ctrl) or the primary 4G10 antibody and the HRP-secondary conjugate (4G10), followed by detection with ECL reagents. Films were exposed for 30 seconds for the 4G10 blot and 30 minutes for the control blot.