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CytoSelect™ 96-Well In Vitro Tumor Sensitivity Assay Kit

Soft agar colony formation assay는 부착하지 않고 증식하는 세포를 관찰하는 데 가장 공통적으로 사용되는 방법이지만, 증식을 측정하는데 있어 3~4주 정도의 긴 시간이 걸립니다. CytoSelect™ 96-Well In Vitro Tumor Sensitivity Assay는 Cell Biolabs의 semisolid agar media에서 6~8일간 배양 후, 함께 제공되는 MTT solution으로 plate reader기에서 쉽게 측정할 수 있습니다.

Cell Biolabs
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  • 배양기간이 일주일이면 충분하기 때문에 기존의 방법보다 훨씬 빠릅니다.
  • 키트에 장비를 제외한 시약이 모두 포함되어 있어 편리합니다.
  • Microtiter plate에서 96 test를 하는데 필요한 시약이 충분히 제공됩니다.
  • 제품 구성
    • 10x CytoSelect™ Agar Matrix Solution (Part No. 114001): One sterile tube - 1.8 mL
    • CytoSelect™ Matrix Diluent (Part No. 114002): One sterile bottle - 4.0 mL
    • 5x DMEM Solution (Part No. 113002): Three sterile tubes - 1.5 mL each
    • 1x Matrix Solubilization Buffer (Part No. 115001): One sterile bottle - 20.0 mL
    • Detergent Solution (Part No. 113501): One bottle - 10.0 mL
    • MTT Solution (Part No. 113502): One tube - 1.0 mL
Figure 1. HeLa Cell Dose Curve. Cervical carcinoma HeLa cells were resuspended at 6 x 106 cells/mL and titrated 1:2 in culture medium, followed by addition of Cell Dose Curve Solution, Matrix Solubilization Solution, MTT Solution, and Detergent Solution (as described in the Cell Dose Section).
Results are shown by cell concentration or by actual cell number in MTT Detection.
Figure 2. Inhibition of Hela Cell Transformation by 5-Fluorouracil. HeLa cells were seeded at 5000 cells/well and cultured 7 days at various 5-FU concentrations. Cell transformation was determined according to the assay protocol. IC50 value of 5-Fluorouracil on HeLa cell anchorageindependent growth was determined to be ~ 1 μM.
Figure 3. Inhibition of HeLa Cell Anchorage-Independent Growth by Taxol. HeLa cells were cultured for 7 days in the absence (left) or presence (right) of 1 nM Taxol according to the assay protocol.
  • Anchorageindependent model for chemosensitivity testing
  • Potential anticancer drug screening