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MiniOne® Micropipettes

실험실용 파이펫을 소개합니다.

EmbiTec (MiniOne)
제품 문의하기

  • Adjustable volume micropipette with durable and reliable quality
  • Ergonomic design provides comfortable operation for small or large hands
  • Two 'stops' on the plunger to allow for accurate and complete sample dispensation
  • Ultra-affordable for educational use
  • Can be self-calibrated

  • 2-20 µl variable volume micropipette (1) (#M2008)
  • 20-200µl variable volume micropipette (1) (#M2010)
  • 100-1000 µl variable volume micropipette (1) (#M2011)
  • Volume calibration tool (1)
  • 2-200 µl micropipette tips (24)
  • 100-1000 µl micropipette tips (6)
  • Variable volume micropipette inspection certification (3)
  • Micropipette operation manual



  • Adjustable volume micropipette combines all the features of accuracy, reliability, and ergonomic design in one
  • Great value for scientific research and educational uses
  • Autoclavable
  • Can be self-calibrated


주문정보(Ordering Information)
M31121-10 ul Micropipette TipsPK
M3118100-1,000 ul Micropipette Tips, 250/PKPK
M31112-200 ul Micropipette TipsPK
M31362-200 uL Micropipette Tips in a Case (Racked Package, X10)PK
M31342-200 uL Micropipette Tips, 1000/PKPK
M2012MiniOne 1-10 ul MicropipetteEA
M2011MiniOne 100-1000 ul MicropipetteEA
M2008MiniOne 2-20 ul MicropipetteEA
M2010MiniOne 20-200 ul MicropipettesEA
M2070MiniOne Fixed Volume Micropipette, 10 uL, set of 10EA
M2072MiniOne Fixed Volume Micropipette, 1000 uL, set of 10EA
M2071MiniOne Fixed Volume Micropipette, 10o uL, set of 10EA
M2016MiniOne Micropipette Set of 3 with CaseEA
M2020MiniOne Micropipette Set with 1-10 uL pipet and caseEA
M2021MiniOne Micropipette StandEA
M2019MiniOne® Mini Erlenmeyer Flasks EA
EA-1001ONE Series™ Micropipette 0.1-2 uL EA
EA-1006ONE Series™ Micropipette 0.5-10 uL EA
EA-1004ONE Series™ Micropipette 10-100 uL EA
EA-1005ONE Series™ Micropipette 100-1000 uL EA
EA-1002ONE Series™ Micropipette 2-20 uL EA
EA-1003ONE Series™ Micropipette 20-200 uL EA
EA-1010ONE Series™ Micropipette Package, set of 3EA
EA-1014ONE Series™ Micropipette Package, set of 4 with caseEA
EA-1011ONE Series™ Micropipette StandEA