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Blackrock Microsystems 사용 논문

Blackrock Microsystems을 이용한 다양한 실험들을 최신 논문에서 확인하세요.

Blackrock Microsystems
제품 문의하기

  Chronic wireless neural population recordings with common marmosets
  JD Walker, F Pirschel, M Sundiang, M Niekrasz… - bioRxiv, 2021 - biorxiv.org
  …many of the techniques generally employed to record neural activity in primates
inhibit the expression of natural behaviors in marmosets precluding neurophysiological
insights. To address this challenge, we developed methods for recording neural population activity in unrestrained marmosets across multiple ethological behaviors, multiple brain …
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  Wireless recording from unrestrained monkeys reveals motor goal encoding beyond immediate reach in frontoparietal cortex
  M Berger, NS Agha, A Gail - Elife, 2020 - elifesciences.org
  … Wireless recording from unrestrained monkeys reveals motor goal encoding … An alternative to wireless transmission can be data logging for which the data are stored separately from behavioral data on the headstage (Zanos et al., 2011) … 
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  Shape perception via a high-channel-count neuroprosthesis in monkey visual cortex
  X Chen, F Wang, E Fernandez, PR Roelfsema - Science, 2020 - science.sciencemag.org
  … Science, this issue p. 1191; see also p. 1165. Abstract. Blindness affects 40 million
 people across the world. A neuroprosthesis could one day restore functional vision
 in the blind. We implanted a 1024-channel prosthesis in areas …
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  Merging brain-computer interface and functional electrical stimulation technologies for movement restoration
  CE Bouton - Handbook of Clinical Neurology, 2020 - Elsevier
  … Fig. 22.1. Left: Utah Electrode Array – © 2019 Blackrock Microsystems, LLC. Right:
 Utah Electrode Slant Array – © 2019 Blackrock Microsystems, LLC. Once electrode
 arrays with more recording sites became available, the recorded … 
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  A novel low-cost electrode for recording the local field potential of freely moving rat's brain
  D Xue-Feng, Y Gao, H Zhang, Y Zhang… - Translational …, 2020 - search.proquest.com
   … designed bilateral electrode com- bined with the Blackrock detection system (Blackrock
Microsystems LLC, Salt … size of the recording electrode and limited area of the rodent brain is … 
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  [HTML] Dynamic states of population activity in prefrontal cortical networks of freely-moving macaque
  R Milton, N Shahidi, V Dragoi - Nature Communications, 2020 - nature.com
  … despite the prevalence of these ideas, previous investigations of cortical state dynamics at single …rodent sensory cortex while technical limitations have prevented the analysis of dynamic cortical states … Array image photo credit: Utah Array—© 2020 Blackrock Microsystems, LLC … 
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  Micromechanical Resonators for Ultrasound-Based Sensors 
  N Farhoudi, LB Laurentius, CF Reiche… - ECS Meeting …, 2020 - iopscience.iop.org
  … We successfully demonstrate the use of this platform technology using glucose as a target  metabolic marker in-vitro and in-vivo in rats (see Figure 2). Florian Solzbacher declares  financial interest in Blackrock Microsystems LLC and Sentiomed, Inc …
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  Restoring Functional Reach-to-Grasp in a Person with Chronic Tetraplegia Using Implanted Functional Electrical Stimulation and Intracortical Brain-Computer Interfaces
  AB Ajiboye, LR Hochberg, RF Kirsch - Brain–Computer Interface …, 2020 - Springer
  … T8 underwent three separate surgical procedures. First, he received two 96-channel
 microelectrode arrays (Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, Utah) [20] that were implanted into the hand area on the precentral gyrus [21] of his motor cortex (Fig … 
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  [HTML] A systematic exploration of parameters affecting evoked intracranial potentials in patients with epilepsy
  B Kundu, TS Davis, B Philip, EH Smith, A Arain… - Brain Stimulation, 2020 - Elsevier
  … Recording. Neurophysiological data were recorded using a 128-channel data acquisition system (NeuroPort, Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT), and stimulation was delivered using a 96-channel stimulation system (Cerestim, Blackrock Microsystems) … 
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  Neural stimulation and recording performance in human somatosensory cortex over 1500 days 
  CL Hughes, SN Flesher, JM Weiss, JE Downey… - medRxiv, 2020 - medrxiv.org
   … conducted. A single subject was implanted with two microelectrode arrays (Blackrock
 Microsystems, Salt … Neural signals were recorded using the NeuroPort data acquisition
 system (Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT) …
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