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[온라인 세미나] Eurofins Discovery Service

Eurofins Discovery는 drug discovery - development - preclinical 과정에 필요한 여러 in vitro & in vivo assay를 수행해 드립니다.

Eurofins Discovery에서 준비한 knowledge based video를 통해 자세한 정보를 확인하세요.

Eurofins Discovery
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Reporter Assays for Therapeutics Targeting Signaling Pathways

Learn how PathHunter® signaling reporter assays can be used to evaluate the cellular impact of therapeutics targeting a variety of proteins in NFkB, NFAT, and STAT3 signaling pathways. 
Integrated Cardiac Proarrythmic Risk Assessment Under The CiPA Initative [2020 JSPS Seminar]

  The Mast Cell Receptor MrgX2 and Drug-Induced Anaphylaxis. Eurofins Discovery - Drug Target Review
Implementing ADCC Assays in QC

The webinar focused on 2 qualification studies that were performed using these effectors to demonstrate accuracy and precision in different assay formats.
Eurofins Webinar : Preclinical Secondary Pharmacology Is an Essential Part of Drug Discovery

This webinar will outline the major elements of secondary pharmacology and demonstrate its applications and impact in drug discovery.
Eurofins Discovery: Chemical Probes in Disease Modeling Approaches

Learning Objectives :
Chemical probes versus drug molecules
Case studies of chemical probes
Phenotypic characterisation of chemical probes
Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services