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NMDA Receptor Small Molecules

NMDA receptor glutamate receptor ionotropic class ϸ neurological disorder մϴ. NMDA receptor õ small molecule Ұմϴ.

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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0186 cis-ACPD
Potent NMDA agonist; also group II mGluR agonist
0213 D-Aspartic acid
NMDA agonist
0214 L-Aspartic acid
NMDA agonist
0216 L-Cysteinesulfinic acid
NMDA and mGlu agonist
3406 GLYX 13
NMDA partial agonist; acts at the glycine site
0281 (R)-(+)-HA-966
NMDA partial agonist/antagonist; acts at glycine site
0197 Homoquinolinic acid
Potent and selective NMDA agonist
0285 Ibotenic acid
NMDA agonist; also non selective mGlu agonist
2277 MNI-caged-D-aspartate
Caged D-aspartate; NMDA agonist
0114 NMDA
Selective NMDA agonist
0225 Quinolinic acid
Endogenous NMDA agonist and transmitter candidate
0312 (RS)-(Tetrazol-5-yl)glycine
Highly potent NMDA agonist
Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0258 ACBC
NMDA antagonist; acts at glycine site
3693 DL-AP5 Sodium salt
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist; sodium salt of DL-AP5
0106 D-AP5
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist; more active form of DL-AP5
0105 DL-AP5
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist
0107 L-AP5
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist; less active form of DL-AP5
0104 DL-AP7
Selective NMDA antagonist
0389 Arcaine sulfate
Competitive NMDA antagonist
0322 (R)-4-Carboxyphenylglycine
Moderately potent NMDA antagonist
4492 Cerestat
Potent and noncompetitive NMDA antagonist
1469 CGP 37849
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist
1409 CGP 39551
Potent, selective and competitive NMDA antagonist
1493 CGP 78608 hydrochloride
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist; acts at glycine site
1241 CGS 19755
Potent competitive NMDA antagonist
3697 7-Chlorokynurenic acid sodium salt
Sodium salt of 7-Chlorokynurenic acid
0237 7-Chlorokynurenic acid
NMDA antagonist; acts glycine site
0817 (2R,3S)-Chlorpheg
Weak NMDA antagonist
0190 CNQX
NMDA antagonist; acts glycine site; also AMPA/kainate antagonist
2456 Co 101244 hydrochloride
GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist
4136 Conantokin G
GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist
0247 (R)-CPP
Potent NMDA antagonist; more active enantiomer of (RS)-CPP
0173 (RS)-CPP
Potent NMDA antagonist
1265 D-CPP-ene
Potent competitive NMDA antagonist
3071 Dextromethorphan hydrobromide
NMDA antagonist
0286 5,7-Dichlorokynurenic acid
Potent NMDA antagonist; acts at glycine site
3698 5,7-Dichlorokynurenic acid sodium salt
Potent NMDA antagonist, acts at glycine site; sodium salt of 5,7-Dichlorokynurenic acid
4491 DQP 1105
GluN2C/GluN2D-selective NMDA antagonist
2195 Eliprodil
Non-competitive and GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist
0869 Felbamate
NMDA antagonist; acts glycine site
2867 Flupirtine maleate
Indirect NMDA antagonist; also GABAA modulator and Kv7 channel activator
2348 Gavestinel
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist; acts at the glycine site
0282 (S)-(-)-HA-966
NMDA antagonist/partial agonist
2861 HU 211
NMDA receptor antagonist; also NF-κB inhibitor
0290 N-(4-Hydroxyphenylacetyl)spermine
Wasp toxin analog
0545 Ifenprodil hemitartrate
Non-competitive NMDA antagonist; also σ ligand
2892 threo Ifenprodil hemitartrate
GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist; also σ agonist
3131 Ketamine hydrochloride
Non-competitive NMDA antagonist
6751 (R)-(-)-Ketamine hydrochloride
NMDA antagonist; antidepressant; may not display psychotomimetic or addictive side effects of (S)-ketamine
4379 (S)-(+)-Ketamine hydrochloride
NMDA antagonist; enantiomer of ketamine hydrochloride
0742 L-689,560
Highly potent NMDA antagonist
0705 L-701,252
NMDA antagonist; acts at glycine site
0907 L-701,324
NMDA antagonist; acts at glycine site
0840 Loperamide hydrochloride
NMDA antagonist; reduces Ca2+ flux
1521 LY 233053
Competitive NMDA antagonist
1019 LY 235959
Competitive NMDA antagonist
0773 Memantine hydrochloride
NMDA antagonist; acts at ion channel site
0924 (+)-MK 801 maleate
Non-competitive NMDA antagonist; acts at ion channel site
0955 (-)-MK 801 maleate
NMDA antagonist; less active enantiomer of (+)-MK 801
1970 Norketamine hydrochloride
Potent non-competitive NMDA antagonist; antinociceptive
4230 NPEC-caged-D-AP5
Caged D-AP5; NMDA antagonist
5018 PEAQX tetrasodium salt
Potent and GluN2A-selective NMDA antagonist
3277 Pentamidine isethionate
NMDA antagonist: antimicrobial
2557 Phencyclidine hydrochloride
Non-competitive NMDA antagonist
2273 PMPA (NMDA antagonist)
Competitive NMDA antagonist
2530 PPDA
GluN2C/GluN2D-selective NMDA antagonist
2274 PPPA
Competitive and GluN2A-selective NMDA antagonist
4801 QNZ 46
Non-competitive and GluN2C/GluN2D-selective NMDA antagonist
1622 Remacemide hydrochloride
NMDA antagonist; blocks ion channel and allosteric modulatory site
2005 Ro 04-5595 hydrochloride
GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist
1594 Ro 25-6981 maleate
GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist
3254 Ro 61-8048
NMDA antagonist; increases kynurenic acid levels
3343 Ro 8-4304 hydrochloride
GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist
1251 SDZ 220-040
Potent competitive NMDA antagonist
1250 SDZ 220-581
Competitive NMDA antagonist
4154 TCN 201
GluN1/GluN2A-selective NMDA antagonist
4163 TCN 213
NMDA antagonist; selective for GluN2A over GluN2B containing receptors
4072 TCN 237 dihydrochloride
Highly potent and selective GluN2B NMDA antagonist
2782 TCS 46b
GluN1A/GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist; orally bioavailable
3322 ZD 9379
Brain penetrant NMDA antagonist; acts at glycine site
Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
4105 CIQ
Potentiator of NMDA receptors containing GluN2C/GluN2D
0219 Glycine
Endogenous potentiator of NMDA receptors
6369 GNE 9278
Positive allosteric modulator of NMDA receptors; acts in transmembrane domain
2851 Nefiracetam
Cognitive enhancer; potentiates NMDA currents
5996 (R)-Norketamine hydrochloride
NMDA modulator; metabolite of Ketamine hydrochloride
6112 (S)-Norketamine hydrochloride
NMDA modulator; metabolite of Ketamine hydrochloride
1067 Oxotremorine M
Potentiator of NMDA receptors; also muscarinic M1 agonist
5376 Pregnenolone sulfate sodium salt
NMDA potentiator; also GABAA inhibitor and TRPM3 activator
0226 D-Serine
Potentiator of NMDA recepors; acts at glycine site
Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1238 CCMQ
Used to characterize GluN2B-containing NMDA receptors
6095 2S,6S-Hydroxynorketamine hydrochloride
Ketamine metabolite; decreases D-serine (a NMDA co-agonist); antidepressant
6226 IC 87201
nNOS-PSD95 protein-protein interaction inhibitor; also antinociceptive and antidepressant
1636 IEM 1460
Open-channel blocker of NMDA currents; also blocks AMPA currents
2224 MNI-caged-NMDA
Caged NMDA
2213 N20C hydrochloride
Non-competitive NMDA open-channel blocker
0958 Spermine tetrahydrochloride
Modulator at polyamine site